Us – movie review

Well, I finally got around to watching Jordan Peele’s long-awaited second film. I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews on it so I was very excited to see it.

At the start, we see a young Adelaide Thomas (Lupita Nyong’o) goes to a vacation with her family to Santa Cruz. While there she wanders off to the house of mirrors where she meets another version of herself. Fast forward to today, Adelaide is much older and is going on a holiday again to Santa Cruz, this time with her husband and two kids.

One night, they notice a bunch of people standing outside their house, dressed up in red and motionless. As they investigate, the people start attacking them. However, there is something different about those people, they look exactly the same as them.

So how did this movie perform? First of all, I can not say anything bad about cinematography and amazing colors, it was shot and directed perfectly. It’s definitely the best part of the film. That and Lupita. She is as talented as she is gorgeous, doing a fantastic job.

It’s a great film that has a lot of foreshadowing and easter eggs that make it really enjoyable but it still wasn’t nearly as amazing as I hoped. All of the foreshadowings made some plot points very predictable. That, of course, did not make the second part bad. The themes of duality and control make for a lot of great topics for discussion. But in the end it just did not stick with me, it had everything that I love in a movie like this yet it failed to really stick with me. I guess since I am not from the US and a lot of things went over my head. However, it’s still a great movie that I don’t regret watching. The duality theme especially was very interesting. For example, one part that actually did stick with me was Jason. Was he actually himself or the doppelganger the entire time? There were many things that can make that valid.

Final verdict: 7/10

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