“Bless me father, for I have sinned.”

Father Graham could feel a vague familiarity in the voice but could not remember who it was.

“How long has it been since your last confession my son?”

“Far too long. I can hardly even remember what the confessional even looks like. Perhaps that is why I have been lead on this path of no return. Is there really hope for a damaged soul like mine father?”

“No soul is beyond redemption, not in the eyes of God, but one must be ready to repent for their sins. And the first step toward repentance is to confess and accept God into your heart and soul.”

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. Yes, I was a man of God too, but not anymore. You see, God used to speak to me.”

A weird comment, but the father shrugged it off.

“God speaks to all of us, in his own way.”

“Yes, yes of course.” – the man chuckled

“But you see, the voice of God was speaking directly to me, telling me things to do. I used to lead a very sinful life, doing a lot of things which I am not proud of, but one night as I was lying down in a puddle of my own blood a soothing voice came to me. It told me that there is a higher purpose for me, a noble calling.”

A visible worry was on the priest’s face now. Something about this story greatly disturbed him but he continued listening to him. It was not uncommon for people to think that God is speaking to them, but this was not just a regular person, that much was obvious.

“The church has a lot of evil people father, and God gave me the job to purify it. So I started with my local church, slowly becoming more and more involved with it. During that time, he kept speaking to me, telling me about the evil deeds that the priest was committing behind closed doors. It’s absolutely dreadful, father, what we let people in power do in the guise of saints.”

Father Graham’s breathing became faster and faster, sweat dripping all over his face.

“So during the span of a couple of years, I moved from church to church, dealing with troublesome priests throughout the country. The crucifier they called me. It was the only way for them to atone for their sins you see. They had to experience what our savior experienced before dying. I did not have to of course, but I enjoyed it. Seeing them squirm as I nailed their limbs was hilarious, I could not help but laugh. They were finally feeling terror and it was glorious. I did not have to do it of course, but he did not mind.”

“And umm… Why are you here now? Do you feel like I am one of those who needs to be punished?”

“I did not punish people father, I was trying to pardon their sins, or at least that’s what I thought. And no I am no longer doing it so you do not need to worry.”

This, of course, did not calm him down. He was starting to get more and more anxious. Was he going to die as well?

“There is a hidden meaning behind your words though, isn’t there? You did not come here just to tell me this. So far none of your comments have shown a hint of remorse. Am I a sinner too?”

“Of course, father, our encounter is not by chance. This is my last stop in my way to true forgiveness. You see, I have been following you for quite some time father, even coming to the church a few times. You are unlike most of the priests that I have faced. You are pure, kind and an overall good soul. I need someone like you to get back into his good grace. It’s been ages since I last heard his voice.”

“And how can I do that?”

“Well, from what I can assume, I’ve been doing such a good job that the balances have tipped. There needs to be an equilibrium father, and I have been doing such a great job that I have created an unbalance. I have to fix that. Maybe by killing a few good apples, I’ll manage to balance it out.”

A few moments later, the police came through the door, to an unexpected sight. The “Crucifier” as they called him was standing before┬áthem, covered in blood dressed in a torn up, bloody priest outfit. He had carved up the priest in some sort of a ritualistic manner, cutting off the skin from his face and attempting to wear it as a mask, almost as if he was trying to become him.

“Please come back! Lord have mercy on me. I am a lost soul seeking your guidance, together with the grace of the priest I will become more than just a normal man. I shall be your vessel for justice! Accept this offering for you now.”

Even the officers were in shock. He appeared to be in a trance, chanting some weird words over and over. They tried warning him but he did not stop. One of them panicked and fired a shot before he could reach them, but it did not seem to even phase him. The man seemed so skinny and malnourished and yet he displayed such inhumane feats of agility.

He rushed after them taking out his knife and plunging it inside one of the officer’s heads.┬áBefore he could move on to the next one, he was berated with shots from the officers surrounding him. He did not flinch, not even for a second. He had such determination in his eyes, a sight that the officers would never forget. For a minute, they thought that he was unkillable, standing there, paralyzed with fear. But after a minute or two, he fell. He was already dead but he had been standing due to his resolve.

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