The best of Reddit’s nosleep stories – part 3

As someone who is a fan of amateur writing and horror stories I always enjoy looking at Reddit’s Nosleep subreddit page. There are always some amazing gems.

The freshest story from the list, not even 24 hours old tells the tale of a swat team which is sent to a school in order to investigate something happening in a school room. However, due to unexplained circumstances, they can not enter it without risking the lives of the people inside and can not even see inside since the windows have been blocked out from the inside.

Probably my second favorite on the list with another very interesting and mysterious premise, this story makes for a great read even though some of the language and phrasing might need work (at least what it seemed like to me).

Edit: There was also a second part of the series and it will probably continue on for more. Although not as good as the first part, still a good addition to the story.


It’s always great to find fellow horror lovers and show their stories and give some love for their hard work.

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  1. NoSleep has some really good stories. I nearly gave up on modern horror until I found the creepypasta genre. I’ve yet to find another genre in modern horror that can produce as many chills so consistently the way creepypasta does. Yes, the writing may leave something to be desired and you might come across a few duds, but the ease with which I can usually find an enjoyable 3-5 minute story to read more than makes up for it.

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