The perfection – What the hell did I just watch?

So this movie has been talked about for a bit and I decided to give it a watch.

So The perfection is a movie directed by Richard Shepard that really took me by surprise. I honestly don’t even know what to feel about it even a day after. It starts off with a young girl who mourns the death of her mother called Charlotte played by Get Out’s Allison Williams.

Charlotte was a cellist. A musical prodigy ever since she was a child. Unfortunately, she had to go back home from the most prestigious school in order to take care of her mother. Now with the death of her mother, she seeks out her former instructor and his current protege Elizabeth (Logan Browning) in Shanghai. Once there, she seems to get along great with Elizabeth and after a wild night out together, Elizabeth asks her to join her in a trip through rural China. Unfortunately, things take a really dark turn.

The movie offers a few pretty big twists and I really did not expect it but unfortunately, they weren’t enough for this movie to impress me. And it had a lot of things that I actually love in a movie alongside the plot twists. The acting was decent, the cinematography was pretty nice, the music was superb and the overall premise was great. I really like the concept of people obsessed with perfection and willing to do everything to reach it. It can make for a great movie premise, and it did, but unfortunately, a poor execution made it fall flat.

But still, I find myself sort of pissed off at the movie. It had so much potential and yet it fell flat. Some things were added in just as shock factor and it really did not help the movie. It just felt like it was crammed in there just to try and act edgy. It really did not help the movie at all. I wouldn’t really call the movie bad, but I wouldn’t call it good either. I guess you could call it bittersweet.

Final verdict: 6/10

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