The smell of blood – A short story

I’ve been writing and deleting so many stories lately, so I decided to stick with one topic and just finish it. I might not like it as much as my first one but practice makes perfect and it’s pretty fun to try and dive deep into the mind of a deranged person.

It was another cold, lonely night for John Horton. He had just lost his fourth job this year so he was moodier than usual. The pile of empty beer bottles over at the corner of his room was getting bigger but the sorrow was not subsiding.

On top of everything, tomorrow was the anniversary of his marriage. Two years passed since he caught her with a guy on their sofa, and even though she was the one that cheated on him, she still won the custody battle and took his daughter away from him, but his addiction and mental state had a play in that, unfortunately.

Ever since then it was one screw up after the other. He knew he had to do something about it but as always he just spent his time chugging down another six-pack. One night, while going out for another case of beer, he decided to go out and take a walk.

This was the only time he actually enjoyed the city, dark and quiet and not a soul to be found other than the occasional night owl. There was one of them that caught his eye: blonde, in her early thirties, gorgeous hazel eyes.  She was walking home after a party, obviously very intoxicated. Seeing her brought upon him a series of emotions and odd thoughts. He had to meet her. That, however, sounded a lot easier than it actually was.

His social skills were rusty and he only managed to drive her away after his brief attempt at a conversation. That only angered him. He wasn’t about to let her go but she insisted on being left alone. John’s blood started boiling. He grabbed her and took her to an alley bashing her head on the wall. Once she was unconscious he took out his pocket knife and started to repeatedly stab her. The thrill of it all made him feel alive after what felt like ages. It was a new emotion which he had not felt and he was intoxicated by it. His curiosity started to spark more and more as he started to feel the smell of blood, pumping up his adrenaline higher and higher.

She came to in the middle of it, but witnessing the despair in her eyes served as an aphrodisiac for him, so he started choking her as well. The warm blood dripping on his hands made him feel even more powerful but all of the adrenaline made him push a little too hard.

Unfortunately, he did not know her limits and she died before he could finish torturing her. Although he was angered by the fact that he did not have the opportunity to experience more, he was delighted at the fact that he experienced such a thing and was hungry for more. That look in her eyes was unforgettable. He could see the hope disappear from them as she started to come to terms with her fate. She was just standing there, paralyzed with fear, not even the pain that she was in phased her.

His celebration, however, was cut short, as he heard someone approaching. He had no time to run so he hid alongside her body in the dumpster and waited for them to pass. Once they did he made sure he cleaned up any trace of him and hurried back home.

That night, he couldn’t even sleep. He kept replaying the event over and over in his head, entering a state of bliss. The next morning he woke up feeling like a new man, but the thought of him being found out still roamed in the back of his head. So he decided to lay low for a while to see how things play out.

The death of the young woman was reported on the evening news and to his delight, there were no leads, turns out she was visiting from out of town so no one knew her whereabouts, visiting her sister in an attempt to get away from her boyfriend. That made John very happy. Not every day a person got a free pass. He knew though if there was going to be the next time he would have to be more careful. He knew that he would have to be patient until he could find another person. But waiting was not an issue for him. Something like that was worth the wait he said to himself. A few months wait seemed enough. He got smarter during that time. He read about police procedures, investigations and everything else he could while he lay low. In his mind, the best thing to do was to go to another town, since the situation helped the last time.

It was weird but he felt like a man with a purpose. And that purpose inspired him to become better. He did not want to be unprepared so he wanted to be sharper and stronger.

He didn’t want to use any public transport, and he left his car in its garage, so he decided to use his bike. It was a long ride, but after an hour he was there.  Since he wanted to play safe, he spent the first night scouting out the area. He kept replaying the first night over and over in his head as he meticulously planned out his next steps.

There was a small bar near the outskirts of the town. The location seemed perfect since there was hardly anyone around him. With the location found, all he had to do was be patient.  He stacked up on caffeine and energy bars and sat down near one of the buildings.

After a few hours, people slowly started leaving the bar. He noticed an intoxicated guy going home alone so he followed him, creeping up behind him, not too close and not too far. He entered her building and John went after him.

He waited a few minutes after he entered his room and went to knock on his door. He made up something along the lines of him being the person that used to live in the apartment a long time ago, trying to find something just to get inside.

After making sure, he grabbed his neck and dragged him inside.  He made sure he took his time with this one. Slowly he kept squeezing his neck, more and more up until the brink of death. He started choking him harder and harder as life was disappearing from his eyes. He felt warm inside as he saw his life vanishing away and he finally felt some tranquility after so long.

Once he was dead, he cleaned up everything and hurried back to his town. He spent the rest of the week chuckling as he was reading the news about the death of the young man. The fact that he got away with it yet again got into his head. He felt untouchable. After that, his personality changed completely. He became confident, charming, and charismatic. The complete opposite of what he was. He left his old life behind and started focusing on his tasks ahead. He even got a new job in a pharmacy, continuing with his little hobby in the meantime.

Things were going well for John, well other than his occasional night-time cravings, but it was nothing that he couldn’t control. They became more frequent since he had to cut down on his hunting as he called it. He didn’t want the police getting too close. And for a few years, they didn’t, so he got cocky and started leaving his very own signature on each victim, something he would later regret since he started arousing suspicion.  Six years after his first victim was when he had his first screw up. He left a clue leading them to the mortuary. A card from his pharmacy was left at the crime scene.

Lucky for him he was not the only employee there so he was not the only suspect. Tom was a younger person, recently employed in the pharmacy and coincidentally a person John hated deeply. He was there for about a year or so but he was on the verge of getting the promotion he has been working hard to get. Only Tom was pretty much the younger, better version of him and that really annoyed him. He felt like all of his progress and improvement paled in comparison to Tom. He was starting to feel insignificant again and he knew that he had to do something about it. But killing him would not be enough, he wanted to really be above him.

This was a perfect situation to kill two birds with one stone.  He started getting friendlier so that he could get closer to him, asking him out for beer and more. Once he got Tom to invite him to his house he managed to sneak in one of his bloodstained shirts under his bed while stealing one of his cups in order to plant it next to his future victims0. A few days after, Tom was arrested under suspicion of multiple murders.

He had to lay low for a year or two so he had to refrain himself from his nightly activities which took a toll on him. But not even the newfound success could fill the void which he felt deep inside him. He started feeling as if he had no reason to get up in the morning and he started having problems falling asleep. The only thing that somewhat helped was alcohol.

One restless night he couldn’t help it and went out to find another victim. A task that was harder than it sounded considering the amount of alcohol in his body. He set forth into the night in a drunken stupor. However, there was no soul to be found which angered him deeply. That is, however, until he saw her. She was a young woman whose approximate age was hard to tell since she had her back turned to him, probably walking home. He hurried to reach her while there was still no one else in sight.

Once he did, he hit her with the empty bottle of wine he was carrying with him knocking her unconscious and he dragged her behind a building. It was way too long since last he used his little knife which he immediately plunged into her back. Looking into the human anatomy in his spare time gave him enough knowledge to know where to hit so that he does not hit any vital spots while having the freedom to appease his curiosity.

After a minute he noticed that she was regaining consciousness, which delighted him. He turned her around so that he could face her as she tried to grasp for a breath of air. But when he saw her face his heart stopped. The person lying in front of him half dead was none other but his own daughter.  Her eyes were full of tears and she wanted to scream but didn’t have it in her. John’s head started spinning and he started to throw up. The consequences of his actions finally hit him and the shock managed to sober him up.

The thought of his daughter was the only thing that kept him from going completely insane all these years. The only thing that was the light in the back of his head. Deep down inside he wanted to become someone better so that he could show his face in front of her again but that was all gone now. The only thing left to do now was to ease their misery.

To him, it was sort of act of mercy. He caused all of this, so the least he could do was to put an end to it, it was his job as a father, the only thing that he could do properly as a parent.  He put his hands around her neck and told her that he loves her and that it was for the best as tears ran down his eyes.

A few seconds later she was gone along with the last ounce of sanity that he had left. He took her corpse in his arms and sat down on the floor. He took a good look at her. She was gorgeous, just like her mother.  He thought about all the things he missed out on in her life wishing he could have been there. Unfortunately, it was too late now. So he decided that if he could not be with her in life, he would be with her in death and pulled out his gun. He placed it in front of his face and fired. The last thoughts that ran through his heads were “Maybe I could give her in dead what I could not give her in life”.



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