Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos! – comic review

I’ve been hearing about the Chaos! universe for quite some time but never got into it, but when I saw that there is a crossover comic book with Alice Cooper I knew that I had to pick it up.

Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos! was written by Tim Seeley and Jim Terry and was also illustrated by Jim Terry. It was released by Dynamite entertainment on September 9th, 2015.

Now for an introduction to the Chaos! universe, it can be a bit confusing but the plot was not really that hard to follow, even though there are multiple parties at play with Alice Cooper at the center, who by day is living his normal life, by night, turns into the Lord of nightmares, an entity who battles horrific otherworldly creatures.

Purgatori, a vampire kidnaps the lover of Chastity and tasks her to kill Alice Cooper. Meanwhile, a group of teens which consists of all sorts of creatures of the night including a girl which serves as a vessel to the old gods which instructs them to protect Cooper. If that was not enough, a psychotic killer called Evil Ernie also joins the hellhole and all hell breaks loose as all of the players come together at one of Alice Cooper’s concerts.

As you can tell, the plot can be pretty insane and convoluted at the start but that’s not entirely a bad thing. The overwhelming amount of characters and lore make up for it. It can be a bit disorienting but it’s still very enjoyable.

Even though it was not the best comic that I’ve read, it was insanely fun. Gory, wild, bloody and all over the place combined with some fantastic artwork, possibly the best I’ve come across in a while, it was a blast to read. There are a lot of great characters which I definitely want to look into more, especially Evil Ernie. Hell, there is even a demonic smiley emoji, how can you not pick it up?

All in all, it’s a short and fun read which despite its flaws will be enjoyed by any horror/metal fan.

Final verdict: 7/10

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