Alter’s “The outer darkness”

Oooh boy, it feels like its Christmas. A new short horror movie channel for me to explore starting with their 3 part series called “The outer darkness”

We see a group of people all sharing their stories in a local community center in front of a priest. Their newest member, a young mother called Jenny looking for an empathetic ear to tell her seemingly impossible story. Stricken with grief from the loss of their child Jenny along with her husband and parents enter a game of high stakes in hopes of getting their daughter back. They meet a shadowy figure in a mysterious dark room who runs the wheel for them. If it falls on red they win her back but if it falls on black they lose more than they would expect.


The series was made by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton and so far this series has three parts and from the looks of it, we might be getting more. The movie manages to capture the horror of human grief very well and although it is not a new and unique plotline it manages to give it a fresh spin that makes it very engaging. Now, of course, it is not without its faults. The acting even though it was decent it felt like it was lacking in some parts, especially the mother at some very impactful scenes and the game master was a bit cringey at some parts. There was a weird short scene with some branches that seemed out of place but all in all it’s a great short flick that I want to see more of. It has a lot of potentials and I’d love to see it realized.


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