So bad they are good – Live Evil

A samurai sword-wielding vampire killing priest? How the hell am I supposed to say no to something like that?

Live Evil is a 2009 horror film directed by Jay Woelfel, produced by Mark Terry and starring Tim Thomerson, Ken Foree, Mark Hengst, and Tiffany Shepis. It can be found for free on TubiTV.

After all of this time humanity’s vices has polluted their blood to an extent where vampires can no longer feed on it. This leads to their slow demise with their numbers slowly dwindling and thus a war between the various vampiric groups begins.

We meet a pack of vampires led by Benedict that are trying to find pure blood in order to survive. With their food mostly being tainted the only thing remaining for them is to feed on children. Meanwhile, a samurai sword-wielding priest which carries a grudge towards that particular group is hot on their trail. While on their journey we find out more and more the world and the numerous kinds of vampires. While some of them can still be destroyed by sunlight there are those groups that have grown immune to it, some have evolved to have their fangs in unexpected areas as well. We also get introduced to so-called “Blood pushers” people who steal blood from hospitals and resell it to vampires. Unfortunately for them however they will not be able to enjoy that blood as the vengeful priest is closing in on them.

Without a doubt, the best aspect about this movie is the fresh take on the stale vampire subgenre. For one thing, the vampires being the hunted rather than being the hunter makes for a completely different film. Accompanied by the concept of humanity’s vices polluting their blood to the point that it is not edible makes for an interesting film. Plus I always love a badass priest character with a decent backstory that makes for a great albeit predictable reveal at the end.

Now, of course, this does not mean that only the plot will make the movie great. It has a lot of faults that might just outweigh the positives. For one some of the actors give poor performances and at some points, it seemed like they were not even trying. The pacing and editing were also very bad. They made the plot a lot more convoluted than it should have been which made the viewing of the film that much more difficult. It felt like it was all over the place, especially the flashback scenes. A shame, especially since the priest is a great character with a lot of potential.

All in all, it is a great concept that was executed poorly but it is still a decent B movie watch which can offer more than your regular B movie.

Final verdict: 6/10

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