Penpal – creepypasta review

It’s been a while since I visited a creepypasta. Today I’ll look back at another one of my favorites.

Penpal is a creepypasta that was first published on the NoSleep subreddit by 1000Vultures (Dathan Auerbach) and was later self-published as a novel by the same name by Dathan Auerbach. At first, he published his first part of the story “Footsteps” as a standalone story but due to the success it had garnered on the subreddit he decided to expand it even further. He continued on to write 5 more stories titled “Balloons”, “Boxes”, “Maps”, “Screens” and “Friends”. They are all connected but the story is told in a non-linear way.

The story is told from the perspective of the narrator as he tries to dissect some unexplained and dark events from his childhood. At first, he recollects an event from his early childhood where he finds himself lost in a forest. After a terrifying trip through it, he returns to his home only to find out that his mother called the police because she found a note from him saying that he ran away. However, the note was not actually written by him since even if he did not remember writing it he managed to notice that his name was misspelled. A few years after that, he meets his best friend Josh and tells the story about how during his class’s penpal experiment where they tie a letter to a balloon and send it out. Unfortunately for him, he is the only one that does not receive a letter back. But after a few weeks, he finally receives one. But he only finds a Polaroid photo which does not seem to have anything recognizable on it. From then on, things start to get weirder and weirder as he starts getting more and more of those photos and the plot starts to thicken.

This won’t really spoil anything but this creepypasta was one of the rare ones that had no supernatural aspect which was definitely the best part of the story. It managed to create a very tense atmosphere throughout the story and the ending was so sad and dark. This was the writing debut of the author and it is a bit noticeable but it was still a great read. Especially when you compare it to most other creepypastas. The plot is unique and very alluring. Once you finish the first story you will definitely be hooked. It’s great to find a decent concept which is executed very well. Although you can probably find similarly themed stories (I do not want to spoil much so I won’t explain it) this takes a bit of a different spin on it and it makes for a great read. And although there aren’t many “scary” moments it’s definitely something that will stick with you for a while.

If you want to check it out you can find the story easily on YouTube as an audio version and if you prefer reading it you can find it here:

Final verdict: 8/10

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