From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 2

Now, this is more like it! Finally something from this franchise amazing after such a long time.

Three months have passed since Ritchie freed Santanico. But as you would imagine their world is not all sunshine and rainbows. The brothers have split and taken their own paths. Seth and Kate are in Mexico trying to do some jobs. Ritchie and Santanico are back in the US plotting her revenge towards the Culebra lord that imprisoned her and in the meantime, Carlos has emerged from the labyrinth a new man. A man on a mission. On the other side of things, ranger Gonzalez has finally come back to his wife and child and is leading a normal life. Or so he thinks. He starts getting odd visions and unforeseen events take him on the old path that he thought that he would never step forth on again.

Working with new stuff and exploring their own themes made this series a lot more interesting. I binged through it like it was nothing. The plot was much more engaging when they don’t have to work with just one movie. There were so many twists and turns and great new characters that made it more enjoyable than the first. And surprisingly the best thing about this season was the improvement of two characters that I disliked in the first season. Carlos and Gonzalez. Unchained by his lustful first version Carlos was a fantastic villain and a great revitalized character and Gonzalez actually managed to become one of my favorite characters from the show. Which is definitely a result of having a lot more creative freedom but an improvement in their acting as well.

Surprisingly enough the overlaying multiple subplots did not get in each other’s way and they all helped in a great season finale with a lot of blood and violence and even a badass girl fight with a surprising cameo from someone I did not expect to see in a series like this. Speaking of surprises Danny Trejo was also in the season as a Saint of killers type of hunter that was chasing the brothers around.

As for issues. I did not really have any major issues with the second season other than some continuity errors that I think I noticed like certain vampires just chilling while the sun shines upon them(granted I might be wrong and it could have been a regular light) and the weakest link of this season was definitely Scott failing to both give compelling performances in some scenes and having very little growth character wise.

Unfortunately, season 3 is not available on Netflix but hopefully, it will be soon. The second season ended on a very interesting cliffhanger and after seeing the trailer it looks like it will be darker, bloodier and a lot more interesting.

Final verdict: 8.5/10

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