From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money – movie review

Hoping that it would be as good as I remember I watched the second part yesterday.

Spoiler alert: It’s not. A direct to video movie directed and co-written by Scott Spiegel Texas Blood Money is a movie about a group of five criminals that gather together in order to rob a bank in Mexico the main of whom is Buck (played by Robert Patrick who also played the pastor in the series).

His friend Luther (played by Duane Witaker) who wants to get the old gang back together and arranges to meet Buck at the El Coyote in Mexico. Buck starts to get the old team back together which consists of C.W. Niles (Muse Watson), Jesus Draven (Raymond Cruz) and Ray Bob (Brett Harrelson). Once together they set off to Mexico to rob the bank. They stop in a motel to wait for Luther who has an accident with his car when a bat rams in his engine. He stops by a local bar which ends up being the Titty Twister and asks for help. Unfortunately for him, the person that offers to help him ends up being the one and only Danny Trejo who takes him back to his car and turns him into a vampire. Turned, he reunites with the rest of the group and they set off to rob the bank.

The plot on paper does not sound that bad. You have an interesting scenario where one of the group is not who he seems to be and it can go a lot of ways. But that did not help the film. It was one of the rare films that I had to force myself to finish. Not even the cameo from Bruce Campbell helped the movie. The acting was not that horrible and the effects although bad still had that feeling from the first movie that was about it. It did not have the charm that the first one had. It wasn’t the worst movie but still, it had very little redeeming qualities. If you have nothing better to watch and an hour or so to kill it’s not the worst thing you could watch, unless you are not a dusk fan then I would not recommend watching it at all. This makes me dread watching the third part, considering I disliked it even when I was a kid it should be quite the watch.


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