From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 1

Well, it’s time to look at the other side of the Dusk series. A fresh and more in-depth take on the franchise.

The series was developed by Robert Rodriguez and launched in 2014 on his new network called “El Rey network” but luckily it became available on Netflix. As for the story, it follows the basic premise of the Gecko brothers and their escape to Mexico alongside the Fuller family. But, as you would expect that is only the beginning.

Even though there are a lot of identical scenes from the movie such as the shootout in the gas station, the show is quite different. It fully explores both sides of the spectrum – the supernatural and psychological sides. We get to find out everything about the Geckos, the pastor, and his family and the sheriff that is pursuing them. The best part of the show was definitely Ritchie. Seemingly, someone who is slowly turning insane, Ritchie gets visions from a mysterious woman and otherworldly sights making him have an itchy trigger finger and a very disturbing way of killing people. Plus I do have to admit, the guy has a great style.

We also get a lot of lore about vampires. I really liked the vampires in the series, they were pretty different from the regular vampire that you see in most movies, Culebras as they are called. Culebras are related to the Aztec snake gods. Unlike regular vampires, they resemble reptiles with cone-shaped fangs and yellowish/orange eyes. They are immortal, powerful and can shapeshift as well as in some cases use telepathy.

It was quite an interesting retelling and expansion of the original movie. There were a lot of backstories and origins from a rich world and a lot of great characters, but still… It did fell flat at times. Although the acting was decent to an extent there were some really bad performances, especially from ranger Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia), a few scenes with Carlos (Wilmer Valderrama) and the man himself Sex Machine (played by Jake Busey who’s performances I have a love/hate relationship with). But I do have to applaud them for their Santanico replacement, Eiza Gonzalez was stunning and her character development was pretty interesting as well as Carlos’s.

At the end of the day, the season could definitely have been written better but it was still enjoyable. It did not have the same charm that the original movie had but with one movie and an obviously limited budget, they managed to make a show that will make you want to watch more.

Final verdict: 7/10

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