Mysteries of the internet: “Blank room soup”

This video has been circulating for ages. Many people have spoken about it but it’s been on my mind for a while now.

For the people are not familiar with the video in question:

There are two main reasons why this video has been on my mind lately. One, the recent popularity of all of those fake “deep web boxes” and “deep web potions” videos (which if you are over the age of 12 you should realize are fake) and two, I’ve been thinking about what makes something scary and how context makes things scarier and this video was a perfect example of this.

I first came across this video back in 2015 when the YouTuber Someordinarygamers showcased it on his Deep web browsing series:

Now with this video gaining popularity from being from the Deep web, it was bombarded with all kinds of theories, much like the I feel fantastic video. It was uploaded years before but it never got traction. The most popular theory being that the man that is crying in the video was forced to eat the remains of a loved one. It became so huge that it’s one of the first images that pops up when you look up “deep web videos”. And with good reason. Even if you ignore most of the ridiculous theories the video itself is pretty creepy. It always somehow stuck with me. Just the crying and the bizarreness in itself. The lack of context ads to the creepy factor too. To me, it’s better if it lacks context rather if there is a theory that the man is eating human remains or something similar.

Looking into it more I discovered a few videos that do an explanation of this video. First, the aforementioned Someordinarygamers talked about it again in his analysis video where he said that the video was made by a performance group called RayRayTV so he disregarded it as some sort of performance video.

However, a few months after the original deep web browsing video was uploaded another YouTuber called Reignbot put out a video where she speaks to RayRayTV. Apparently, some of his costumes were stolen and never recovered. After a few weeks, he received the video and ended up sharing it on YouTube. According to him, the “performers” in the video mimicked his movements in the performance perfectly which creeped him out a bit. So there is no real background to the video.

Now, is this a victim of some crime eating his last meal or someone being forced to eat remains of his wife? It’s possible but I find it highly unlikely. A more likely theory that people have mentioned is that this was made from Raymond himself in order to get some publicity. But is it really? Those are characters he abandoned ages ago. The videos did take a while to gain popularity but they still did and he didn’t really start using them again. So I don’t find it that weird. It is most likely a video made by some weird fans hoping that he ends up liking it which got found by some people that ended up uploading it on the dark web.

This can be somewhat verified by a hacker that claims that he is one of the people that stole the suits in order to free the suits from their creator because in their eyes the costumes were wasted by the creator.

Even so, the video remains very unnerving. It has the vibe of found footage horror films and is accompanied by a mystery which makes it that much more interesting. Even though it is a highly researched video in a day and age where almost everything can be found out it is still shrouded in mystery. Even if it was made by some fans one could argue that they are not exactly sane fans, unless they were some trolls which is still a possibility but it seems too convoluted to be just a joke. The performance of the man that is eating itself is pretty top notch. It plays on our primal fear, the fear of the unknown. As Lovecraft puts it “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

At the end of the day, I am definitely looking too much into the video but it is a fascinating example of simplicity at it’s finest. All you need is a room and a good concept and it can freak out a ton of people. This short clip was at least for me more engaging and entertaining than some major movies like Winchester.

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