Diablero – season 1 review

A Mexican horror show in the style of the Exorcist show? Sign me up!

Now to be fair it is not completely like the Exorcist show but it does explore similar themes. Diablero is a Mexican series produced by Morena films for Netflix.

In it we see a young girl go missing after her mother is attacked by a demon and gets killed trying to protect her. A priest, who was her former lover learns of her fate, comes to her death bed and discovers that the young girl is his daughter. Tasked and determined to find her he seeks the help of a “Diablero” called Elvis Infante. Together, along with Elvis’s sister and a young girl with an unusual power to bend demons to her will they uncover a much deeper conspiracy at play and set out to find her.

I haven’t enjoyed a series so much in a very long time. It had its faults don’t get me wrong, some scenes were cringey and some were corny as hell but they were the good kind of corny, the Ash vs Evil Dead type of corny you just can’t help but love (or at least I can’t). The first episode started really slowly and I was hesitating whether I should finish it but I’m glad that I did. There’s a certain charm that this show has which really makes you love it.

The whole Diablero thing was pretty interesting. Basically, in a world where angels and demons used to be each other’s yin and yang, the angels disappeared and left the humans to the mercy of the demons. So the Diableros were found and started to work to preserve humanity.  And on the other side, we have the church which seems to be the force of good, but only on the surface (mostly where I got the Exorcist show vibes) which made the plot very interesting and engaging. It’s been a while since I last binged something in one sitting.

And on a personal note the I loved the intro too, I usually never bother with them or just skip them but I always let it play which is a plus in my book.

Overall it’s a great mix of a few subplots, compelling characters with decent acting with some notable exceptions. There really was no dull character at least for me, I especially loved Nancy (the demon girl). If you end up enjoying it as much as I did rejoice, there will be a second season coming.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

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