The Kirlian Frequency

Well, well. Another piece from Argentina. This time a short collection of even shorter animated stories.

The Kirlian Frequency first aired on Vimeo in 2017 and was later put on Netflix in 2019. It tells the story of a mysterious radio host in a small remote town of Kirlian, located somewhere in Argentina.

Kirlian is no mere normal town. It is full of all kinds of horrors and going out at night is highly dangerous and not recommended. Through all five episodes, we get small glimpses into the town’s dark secrets. The host serves as a guide and company during the nights. He receives a call and the story unfolds with everything from vandals to eldritch abominations. A great touch in the series was how none of the faces were actually shown, only their eyes which ads to the mystery.

Although nothing spectacular, this series has a lot of easter eggs that will appease horror fans. Highly influenced by Lovecraft and other authors like King, there is something that will appeal to any fan. And even though it’s nothing shocking or frightening (it is just 13+) I still enjoyed it. The animation was minimalistic but stylish and a joy to watch and the music was perfect. And to be fair not all of the episodes were good but it is still worth a watch.

Final verdict: 7/10

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