Aterrados – movie review

Netflix usually has some gems stored out there if you know where to look. Aterrados caught my eye so it’s time to take a look at it.

Aterrados (Terrified in English) is an Argentinian horror movie written and directed by Demián Rugna. It tells the story of a neighborhood that is experiencing some unexplained phenomena. First, we are introduced to Clara, a young woman who begins to hear voices during the day. She tells her husband that said voices are threatening to kill her he investigates but assumes it is their neighbor doing construction. Unfortunately, as you would expect there is something else at play there and the husband comes to a horrific sight.

On the other side, we have Walter, a man who is trying to prove that there is a creature in his house in order to get help to get rid of him. And lastly, we have an innocent child that has lost his life, just to come back to his mother as a lifeless corpse.

Fascinated with the happenings of the neighborhood, a group of paranormal investigators including a doctor, her colleagues and a soon to be retired officer decides to investigate the houses.

I really, really hate movies like these. It’s not that I did not enjoy it, I really did, but it’s one of those rare films that I can’t tell that I love or hate. The plot is nothing special, but there is an interesting approach to it which was great, it had something in it that gave it a sort of a fresh feeling and all three stories blended well and nothing seemed out of place. There were some really creepy creatures which I really liked, scenes that really stuck with me after finishing the movie and the atmosphere was constantly tense leaving you afraid for the wellbeing of all the characters not knowing what will happen to any of them in any moment, and the element of the fear of the unknown was constantly hovering over our heads.

But at the end of the day, it just did not manage to get my full attention. There were a bunch of horror tropes mixed in together just hoping to scare us some of which succeeded but there really wasn’t much else and the acting was all over the place, sometimes good sometimes mediocre. That might be the point of the movie though and that’s fine, it was just not for me. Even so, however, I will be looking more into Argentinian cinema since I feel like there was a lot of potential in the movie.

Final verdict: 6.5/10


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