Locke & key “Clockworks”

Looks like it’s time for some time travel.

Back in time we go. Time to find out what made Zack who he is and how it all unfolded. Tyler and Kinsey discover the key to the old clock which can take them to the past and we get introduced to the younger version of their father and his friends. The former protectors of the keys. We also learn about the origin of the keys and their distant relative who created them.

Joe Hill gave us a lot to unpack here. We finally got a real glimpse into the supernatural and how everything works. It was great to finally see how the keys were created. We finally found out what made Zack into the horrific being that he is now. We saw the entire backstory written in one volume which even though seems like too much it was written very well and nothing seemed like it was crammed in.

There really isn’t anything to complain about this issue and yet… It really didn’t grip me. It was a fantastic volume I can’t say different but I felt like I was rushing to reach the end. Maybe because I am reading it again or because I just did not care as much for the other characters as I do for the current Locke children but it just didn’t interest me as much. Yes, the inner turmoil of Rendell Locke and his friends was very interesting but they were characters we know very little about so empathizing with them was very difficult. If it wasn’t for all of the histories that we got this would have been a failed volume for me.

Final verdict: 7/10

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