Locke & key “Keys to the Kingdom”

I’ll be honest, I was not in the mood to write another post but finishing this volume really invigorated my desire.

With a great nod to Calvin and Hobbs, this volume starts off with a bang. Bode has become a prepubescent philosopher due to his exposure to both natural and supernatural horrors.

On the other side, both Tyler and Kinsey start to see the toll that playing with the keys takes on them as they start to lose everything close to them that meant something in their life. While all of that was happening though they constantly fend off attacks from the dark lady which in itself is pretty hilarious and sad at the same time. The way that the author showed their battles page after page showing just how much less damaging it is to them than their day to day problems with life and school was a pretty interesting direction.

And the ending. Oh, boy things escalated so, so quickly. Secrets were unveiled, allies were gained and lost and even some blood was shed. There was one page that really, got to me. Maybe it was because of the childish innocence being confronted with a horrific scene that shows them that they have lost a very important part of their life.

And sure enough, there was a reason why Rufus was the character I remembered the most from my first read through. It might be weird to some but he really is my favorite character.

But even so, this volume wasn’t as good as the previous one. That is not a bad thing though this was still a fantastic volume. Funny enough the artwork really is warming up to me. I keep enjoying it more and more with each issue.

Final verdict 8/10


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