Locke & key “Crown of shadows”

Oh, boy Crown of shadows really picked up the pace.

Right out of the bat this volume was much better than the last two, which is hard to do since the last two even with their faults were pretty hard to top.

In a drunken stupor, Nina wakes up Tyler to tell him that she has to go away for a short while. Meanwhile, Zack continues his quest to find the remaining keys in the house. This leads to him losing one of the keys that he already has which ends up in the hands of Nina. However, this does not pose a huge threat to his plans because he manages to find the shadow key and he gets the power to control all the shadows around him.

The family drama was heavy in this volume. Nina’s ever-growing alcohol addiction was showing and it all fell down to Tyler to try and keep the family together. And this volume truly brought out the best of him. A young man with immense troubles himself trying to fill his father’s shoes and somehow managing to do it and he is slowly becoming my favorite character.

Now so far it is the third volume and I’ve been thinking about the pacing. For me, I love the way that it has been paced so far but I can imagine that it can be bothersome for some people. There has not been a lot of “progress” which even I noticed as I was thinking about how to cover the plot of this volume without actually spoiling too many things. But for me, that is not really an issue. There was so much to actually get into in this series. The writing shines because it manages to mix two things together and it mixes them very well. Both the supernatural subplot and the slow descent to madness that the family is trying to evade. This is something that can be very difficult to accomplish. A good example of doing psychological horror and supernatural horror poorly is “Split” (yes I am aware that I am in the minority that disliked it but that’s another story).

The story itself progresses in a different way. With the growth of the characters and the growth of the world itself. We keep getting introduced to more and more keys and the world becomes that much more complex.

Final verdict: 9/10

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