Locke & Key “Head games”

Well, it’s time to check out the second volume today the “Head games”.

The Locke children have a new friend, a friend with a very familiar face. What they don’t know is that their new friend is actually their enemy, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We continue to walk with them on their journey to recover from their past. Will things get better for them?

The plot in this volume revolves around two things. Zack (or Luke) and his attempts to silence everyone who knows his true identity and Bode’s discovery of the new key which mixes perfectly with Zack’s plans.

The new key is the head key. It is able to literally open up the head of a person and allows them to peek inside and modify their memories in any way they seem fit. Now on paper, this might not sound as powerful as some of the other keys but in the wrong hands, it can be used wrongly to pretty much rewriting any person in any way they seem fit, it can also be used to store any kind of new information instantly.

I found this volume to be much more interesting than the first one especially since the supporting characters shined brighter than the main ones. The dynamic between Ellie and Zack was fascinating. Ellie ended up being a much more broken character than she appeared to be and she ended up being a perfect target for him. It’s almost scary how good of a manipulator Zack is. This issue gets a 9/10. The artwork even though I still find a bit dull, was improved here, especially the pages that showed Bode’s head.


It’s crazy how much just this picture tells about Bode. It was so long ago when I last read this series so it’s weird to see how many things about it I forgot and rereading it is really a delight. I’m really looking forward to the next few volumes.

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