Turning my nightmare into a short story

So I had this really odd dream and it really stuck with me so I decided the best thing to do would be to write it as a story.

This was one of the rare dreams that I had where I literally feel as if I am sitting down and watching a movie in its entirety which is pretty odd for me. Has anyone else had dreams like that? You, sitting down in front of a screen and just watching a long movie.

To give it a little context the start of the dream was in a complete another environment. There was some sort of fight or chase going on (the start of the dream is a little foggy for me). A man is chasing a group of young people, he corners them in an alleyway in my town and somehow transports them into an odd prison. I don’t really expect this to turn out to be some comprehensive story or anything resembling one, I am just writing it down as fast as I can before I forget the dream so that I can get back to it and analyze and improve it. Many parts of it don’t make sense to me and I surely do not expect them to make any sense to you either.

Luke, Jerry, Trevor, and Liza seemed relieved for a moment to think that they managed to elude the man in the mask. They never really questioned what saved them and why they were just happy to be alive. Trevor was the first one to notice that something was wrong.

They seemed to be surrounded by around 50 people all of whom were dressed in orange jumpsuits who seemed to not even notice that they are there. No one even moved an inch. He turned to his friends:

“Where the fuck are we?”

They finally started analyzing their surroundings. It seemed as if they are inside some sort of prison. But what kind of prison would it be? Liza seemed worried. The women were together with the men in the same areas. Normally it would be chaos but what worried her, even more, was how silent and calm everyone was. Seeing a female in a prison full of men would be like putting a lamb to the slaughter.

“Luke, what’s happening?”

“I have no clue, but something’s off about this place. Hey you! What the fuck is this place?”

The woman turned her gaze towards them but only for a moment. Once she saw that a guard was coming she started to panic.

“Ah, I see the new recruits have arrived. Welcome lady and gentlemen to the fort. I hope you have a pleasant stay.”

An elderly man accompanied by two men pretty much-resembling gorillas came into the room. He was dressed very formally and stood out like a sore thumb. He approached with a calm manner and addressed us.

 “Finally here I see, Jebediah took his sweet time with you.”

“Who the hell are you and how did we get…”

Before Luke could finish his sentence the two men grabbed him.

“You are just in time, we needed another volunteer. You see here in the fort we love people that stick out. People that are not afraid to stand their ground. As you can see most of our arrivals fail to meet the requirements but all in due time.”

He let out a creepy smile which only angered them more. As they turned to take Luke away Trevor wanted to jump them but he felt a hand touching him.

“Don’t do it, if you value your life.” – He heard a whisper in his ear.

They were pulled back before they could react. A young woman appeared from the shadows.

“Keep quiet and keep your head down. I’m really sorry about your friend but he is gone now, the blood cult has him.”

“The what now?” – Jerry started to get aggressive but soon found himself at the end of a harsh slap.

“Take a good hard look at where you are cupcake, you ain’t in Kansas anymore. Look around, there’s a ton of us and only three of them, why do you think that no one dared to oppose them? I’ve taken enough risk talking to you as it is, the bottom line is: stay quiet and maybe, just maybe you will die last. For now just act casual and try not to make a sound. When the time comes we will make our move. Just make sure you don’t piss them off enough for them to trigger the shock collars.”

A few days passed and there was no word from Luke. Nothing was happening. People were barely speaking to each other. The only semi-active person was the woman from before. She seemed to be carefully planning out when to talk to a select group of people. Something was going down, and it was going to happen soon.

That is until one week later. She was finally coming to speak to us. Two people were standing still in order to take us away from the view of the cameras. She tried to explain her plan but just as she managed to huddle us together, two of the cleaning ladies showed up and took her away to the upper floor.

“Good girl. That’s it. That’s the spark that we want, the rage, the emotions, show me that anger, one person isn’t enough we need to get them riled up.”

There was nothing we can do but watch as they stripped her down and had her way with her. One of the other inmates had decided that he finally had enough and charged right at them but he did not make it far. It was weird. He just fell down.

Another door opened and the two people from before showed up to pick up the inmate and took them both away, to where they could only guess.

The atmosphere in the room became even more desolate than before. It was confusing and terrifying to be there. No one knew what was happening and why they were there. It was almost impossible to even properly function as a human while being imprisoned both physically and mentally, being in the company of dozens of people while being so alone at the same time, fearing that even one slight misstep will unleash that mysterious force that seems to be hovering their hand around everyone’s throat. And it was starting to show. Some of the inmates were getting more and more anxious as the time passed. There was no word about any of the people that were taken away and the tension kept rising.

Liza seemed to be the only one with peace of mind. In fact, she seemed to be in a trance. The others tried to somehow interact with her but it was like she wasn’t really there so they just assumed it was due to shock. Suddenly she was gone. No one noticed how and when but she had disappeared. 

“Wake up Liza, I need your help.”

A strange voice woke Liza from her sleep. She came to and noticed that she was in a different room, alone and yet she was positive that someone spoke to her. 

“Hide behind that cart, hurry.”

There it was again, that voice. She tried to locate the source of it but she heard multiple footsteps and had to run behind the cart.

“Just stay calm and listen to me, unless you want to get back into that room. I’ll answer all your questions once you reach me.”

Seeing how she had no other choice she decided to follow his orders moving around the facility. As she was walking through it she noticed a couple of guards casually walking around and chuckling to each other while bashing the brains of an inmate to the ground, blood splattering everywhere but they seemed almost delighted by it.

“Hurry up, or you will be noticed. You are almost there just around that corner. The door will be open.”

Finally, she reached her destination. The only thing separating her from the strange voice in her head was one door. She calmed herself, collected her thoughts and entered the room. 

She was immediately stuck with a foul stench. The room was dark, but you could still make out a silhouette in the distance. She approached it hoping to get some answers but much to her despair the only thing that was left of him was his flesh next to a bloody mess of organs, and yet the voice continued to speak. 

“Do not be alarmed please, I mean you no harm.”

She wanted to yell and scream, to run away but she knew that there was nothing that she could do with those psychopaths outside so she just tried to hide in the corner and sob quietly.

“Liza, I truly mean you no harm, do not be scared of me, all I need is your help, together with you we can escape this place.”

She could not make out where the voice was coming from, the only place that the sound resonated from was the pile of organs on the ground next to what she now saw were a couple of bodies all surrounding it. 

“I know that it is alarming and hard to understand but you see, I am not of this world. I came to be ages ago, back when humans first came to be. I am a byproduct of the dark remnants of the human souls and their lust for…

“I don’t know what’s going on and honestly I don’t care. All I know is that I have obviously lost my mind but that there are also a lot of bodies around me and I’m lying on a bloody floor talking to a bunch of fucking brains and guts. Rotten flesh and body parts scattered around the room with flies circling around them. I feel like I am in a serial killer’s basement.”

“Then I will be blunt and get to the point. The people in charge here found out how to drain my power getting me to the point where I am barely alive but able to feed them the information that they want. I am fed through emotion, raw unfiltered emotions of humans, their prime desire for life, that’s why they keep you here hoping that you will awaken that part of you which I feed upon. They can not fabricate it so they keep you in the dark, cultivating you like some sort of fruit ripe for the picking. Once a person is emotional enough they are brought here and sacrificed in front of me.”

“So what the fuck am I here for?”

“You Liza are a rare soul. A soul in it’s purest form. You are empathic and full of emotions, so much so that you can give me enough power to break out of these shackles and take this place down. All you need to do is let yourself go for me and we can help each other.”

The ending of the dream is a bit of the blur so I can’t really expand further.

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