The toxic avenger – movie review

Well, this was quite an interesting movie. It was certainly a unique viewing experience. I needed something more light before I watched the latest Ted Bundy documentary and this was perfect.

The toxic avenger is a body-horror comedy film, Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman. It’s a part of Troma entertainment (studio known for making low budget gory B movies like “Surf Nazis must die” and much more).

It tells the story of a young nerd called Melvin Ferd who works as a janitor in a local gym.  There he is the subject of constant ridicule and bullying by the local hooligans of the town. The town is not your regular old place. It is a cesspool of corruption and mindless violence. Not only do the people that bully Melvin and the locals, but they also murder people for fun and take pictures of them to add to their collection.

One day they get extremely annoyed by Melvin and decide to pull a prank on him which results in him being chased around the gym and eventually jumping off a window into a barrel of toxic waste. At first, Melvin starts being in excruciating

pain and is lit on fire, but after he cools himself in a bathtub he starts transforming into a hideous creature with immense strength. This transformation seems to prompt a sense of justice in him and so he sets forth to rid the city of all its criminals.

It’s honestly pretty hard not to love this movie, especially if you enjoy B movies. It’s gory, corny and hilarious in all the right ways. Even the acting which is pretty cheezy is extremely enjoyable, but that is mostly due to the nature of the film. Everything in it is over-exaggerated to a ridiculous extent. You could call it one of those “So bad it’s a good movie” but I was enjoying it too much to say that it was bad. Funny enough it can also serve as a parody of modern-day superhero films while also being a homage to them (if that makes any sense) and luckily enough it has a lot of sequels.

There are some things you can find in it if you like to overthink things like me that can be interpreted as social commentary but that just might be me looking into things too much.

Final verdict: 7/10


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