Exploring the online horror community: Interactive horror stories part 2

Man it seems like ages since I posted my part 1 and I had almost forgotten about it but watching the latest Black Mirror episode really woke up my love for interactive experiences so why not make another one?

Unfortunately most, if not all of the ones online are not as good as the BM episode but they are still a different experience and are generally fun to do. Most of them are from amateurs and it’s nice to explore that side of the internet where the creativity can flourish, but for those same reasons finding good ones can be hard and quite a bit of them are sloppy. But I did manage to dig out some decent ones:

  • “Stillshore cottage” – You learn about an old abandoned cottage that has been the center of many urban legends so you decide to pack up your stuff and explore it. However once you enter it, you start feeling odd, as if there is something wrong with it. Even though it is not in a movie format it’s still very creepy and it manages to immerse you in a different way, which for me is actually the better way.
  • “3:00AM”  “House guest” and “Dismember” – These three stories are a bit different from the ones in part one As their title suggests they are shot in 360 degrees and the interactive aspect is a bit different from the other examples. It’s still very realistic and you feel as if you are there, just looking around not knowing what is going to come and from where.
  • “Fearfighter” – this one is a bit corny and sloppy and there are a few questionable acting performances but there is something about it that I really liked. You can see that they put in a lot of effort in it (although some scenes make me want to question that as well) and it was creative so I commend them for that. The story is about two friends who shoplift a mysterious tape and play it during their party. An issue that I did have with it however is that some choices can make the story a bit inconsistent at times since there are a lot of characters which go on a lot of adventures (which in itself is great since there is more to explore). I do have to admit though they managed to make a mime fight look interesting and hilarious, even the actors seemed to chuckle at parts.It has its ups and downs but overall it was a fun experience. Sadly the ending felt a bit too comical, hopefully it was not unintentional.
    TL;DR – It’s pretty much like a guilty pleasure B movie


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