Terrifier – movie review

Well I watched it. The infamous Art the clown has been popping up everywhere, it seems that everyone was talking about it and I decided to finally check it out.

Terrifier is a 2017  horror film directed by Damien Leone and starring David Howard Thornton, Jenna Kanell, and Catherine Corcoran.

The movie starts off with an interview of a victim of the man himself. The only remaining survivor of his carnage and destruction as she explains to her that his body disappeared over night even though she claims that she saw him die with her own eyes.

Cut to a scene with two young girls, Tara and Dawn, coming home from a Halloween party. Dawn is much too drunk to drive home, so her friend decides that it is better for them to have a meal before returning home. While they are talking a creepy looking man dressed up as a clown shows up and starts staring at them. He greatly disturbs Tara and she quickly rushes to the restaurant. But unfortunately for her, her creepy clown stalker follows them inside. He makes a scene and gets kicked out much to Tara’s relief. Thinking they are free of him they continue home with Tara constantly looking over her shoulder. They reach Dawn’s car but notice that there is a flat tire so they end up being stuck in a random part of town with the clown possibly after them.

As you would expect, nothing special as far as the plot goes. It’s pretty much a copy of an 80s slasher flick. Which is not really a bad thing seeing as how I am a huge fan of 80s flick but does the movie itself hold up?

As far as the good sides of the film, Art himself was without a doubt the best part of the movie. Hands down the creepiest clown in horror and he manages to be both terrifying (I could not resist :P) and hilarious in the same time. There are also two things that characters do in the movie itself which is actually smart while running from a killer.

On the other hand those two things were eclipsed by pretty much everything else that was done in the movie. Even though I usually defend criticisms like these since people don’t think with a clear mind and it’s completely understandable as to why someone would do illogical and questionable decisions, but still… It was very annoying to see some of the people in this film.

It was a pretty disturbing film. There was not too much gore but it was very intense, more than most movies that I’ve seen lately. That being said there really wasn’t anything that really interested in the movie. I was waiting for it to end for most of the time. It wasn’t that bad I just felt like it did not have any substance. But maybe it was just me. Most of all I was pissed off on how they handled Art himself. It’s not really a spoiler since they reveal it in the first few minutes of the film but Art is alive and well even after dying so woohoo he is of course something not human. Why? Just why? Can’t we have one clown that’s a human? Just a plain old psycho killer.

Final verdict: 6/10

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