September 1999

September 1999 is an interesting game. Well not sure if I would call it a game, it’s more like a demo version of something greater. I came across it while browsing Steam one night and it seemed like a VHS tape miss characterized as a game. It’s made by 98DEMAKE and if you don’t already know him you should definitely look into him. He is a solo game developer and video maker which is insanely impressive considering how good the games that he makes are.

This game in particular is very short game with a play time of 5-6 minutes but it manages to build up a dread and uneasy feeling the entire time. You start off in a room in the middle of September. The game is viewed in first person and there are not many controls other than moving around and zooming in so the experience is more like a movie. As you look around the house you begin to black out randomly and wake up after a few days with the room and hallway slightly changed. At one point you begin to hear distant laughing (or crying) as well as police sirens outside.

I was really surprised with this game. I did not really expect much from something so short but it did not fail to deliver. The graphics were arguably the best part of it. Even my potato PC managed to run it and it feels like you are actually there in the room, it hardly feels like a game at all.

The ending might be a bit anticlimactic (not that you can expect a jaw dropping ending from a 5 minute video game but still) for some people but rest assured there will be more. 98DEMAKE did release a trailer for the continuation of this saga called “December 2000” :

The game is completely free on Steam so you can check it out for yourselves in no time and if you end up liking it you can show your support for the creator on his Patreon, honestly he deserves it:

Final verdict: 9/10


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