Best horror movies of 2018

So what better way to end the year than to talk about the best movies  of 2018

Now, of course, I doubt a lot of people will agree with me but these are just my thoughts. Here are my top 5 movies in no particular order:


If you have been following me for a while you have probably read my review on it. Mandy was insanely fun and entertaining. Nick Cage was amazing ad the director is definitely someone to watch out for


I have not reviewed Hereditary on my blog yet. I just felt that I would not do it justice. There are so many hidden things and signs in the movie that are worth digging into and could probably make for their very own blog posts. It’s not one of the best horror films ever but it is definitely an amazing film. The acting was phenomenal, especially Toni Colette and she deserves an Oscar and as for the plot itself, it kept me hooked from the first moment up until the end.


The House That Jack Built

I reviewed this recently. It will not really be in most lists I know that but as I said in my review it’s a specific type of film not everyone will enjoy, but even so, it is masterfully written and to me, it truly is a work of art.


Apostle was another film that I recently watched. I saw it with my friends one night but I did not really talk about it much since it was a busy time. Another cult movie with a lot to offer, how could I resist? On top of that, it was starring Dan Stevens. Yes, it is not as smart as it tries to be but it still has a lot to offer.

A quiet place

Of course, no movie list would be complete without A quiet place. It seems to be like comedians are quite good at horror. First Jordan Peele and then John Krasinski. It has an interesting concept and it is executed very well.

Honorable mention:  Unsane

This movie might not be on everyone’s list but it just felt so personal to me. There is something about feeling left alone and having literally everyone around you against you, not believing in anything that you say. It’s terrifying. Sure some things did not make sense plot-wise but I was tense throughout the entirety of it.

Granted I have not seen “The endless” and a few other ones yet so they might change the list in the future. I also would have added “Cam” as an honorable mention but it just fell too short at the end even though it was great for the most part.

What were your favorites?

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