Oats studios – a closer look

While on YouTube one day I came across a channel called Oats studios. It was weird that I never heard of it, especially since a lot of it’s short films feature some big Hollywood names. Today I thought I’d take a closer look at the channel and studio.

Basically, Oats studios is an independent film studio started in 2017 by Oscar-nominated South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp (known for District 9, Elysium and Chappie). The studio was created with the goal of distributing experimental short films through YouTube and Steam, in order to check the interest of the public and to see their feedback with the hopes of turning them into full length movies.

Personally I really love the idea and I hope more studios end up doing the same. Both YouTube and steam can be an amazing place to make money especially if there are big names behind them.

The first video from them that I watched was Zygote. It stars Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo. This was a fantastic short containing probably one of if not the best monster that I’ve seen. The acting and the props/costumes were great as well.



Next up we have Firebase. Yet again, incredible monster concept, or in this case should I say god. The plot wasn’t anything special but I really enjoyed it, even though it became a bit corny near the end with the super weapons and everything. But it was still very good, better than most of the things you will catch on TV. Even though I liked Zygote more I think this one did a much better job of capturing the dread and the desperation of the situation.


Interestingly enough they do animated projects as well. This one called Gdansk, which is very short being just above 2 minutes but I really loved it. It managed to capture the hopelessness and desperation of a single family perfectly.


The last two I will do together since they are not completely horror but have horror elements but they are just too good not to mention. The first one is animated as well called “Adam” which was surprisingly made with the Unity game engine. It’s made up off three episodes of which the third one is definitely much darker than the rest. The second one is called Rakka and stars Sigourney Weaver where we see the earth under attack by a technologically advanced race of aliens.

They even have some dark comedies and other types of pilots. The studio is amazingly creative and I love all of their content. If you want to support them I’ll link their steam below.


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