Halloween (2018)

Ah, Halloween. One of the rare slasher films that I actually love and enjoy. A classic. And they are making a new one, even with Jamie Lee Curtis. I was overjoyed. And I finally managed to watch it.

The movie starts off 40 years after the events of the first one. Michael is imprisoned and Laurie has become a huge mess. She is obsessed with protecting herself and her family to a very unhealthy extent. So much so that she managed to drive away her daughter and destroy any hope of relationship that she would have with her. She has been divorced twice and is living alone in a house almost resembling a cage. After a visit from two podcasters and true-crime investigators, Michael seems unphased. Even after 40 years and the taunt of the mask he does not respond. Maybe he forgot everything and has moved on? Highly unlikely.

In a very predictable chain of events, Michael gets loose right before Halloween as they are trying to transfer him and goes after Laurie to finish the job while killing everyone who steps and doesn’t step in his way.

There was so much hype surrounding this movie and it made such a smash in the box office I was expecting to be blown away. Maybe that’s a part of why I dislike this movie so much but I highly doubt it.

Almost everything about this movie was horrible. From the script to the dialogue and even Michael himself. To me, he really didn’t show off the whole Michael vibe, not even for a second. Yes, the kills were awesome but it did not really make up for everything else. The movie felt like a parody of itself. There were so many laughably bad scenes like the one with the knockoff Loomis saying “I’m a doctor. Lock your doors”. I was watching the film with a couple of my friends and upon viewing that scene we laughed for a good 5 minutes.

The pacing of the film was a joke. It lacked so much of the original. There was no tension. One of the best aspects of the original was the claustrophobic feeling that Michael gave you and this one had nothing of that. Instead, it had a ton of rehashed scenes just done much much worse.

And the subplots… There were so many badly written subplots that just did not need to be there. The film managed to turn something that I usually love into something hideous. (Spoiler alert) The knockoff doctor ends up being obsessed with Michael so much that he is willing to kill in order to fully understand the evil that is Michael Myers. I usually love characters like him but he was so poorly written it was ridiculous.

The best things in the film were Jamie Lee Curtis and the little kid that was being babysat. He seemed to be the only one with a functioning brain in the film. As for Laurie, it was great to see how she actually was affected by the whole thing and how it completely broke her down. It’s nice to see the other side of things. What happens after the horror movie ends. But that’s about it, the only saving grace of this film. There were so many inconsistencies and bad things about it that completely made me hate it. Halloween II  was far superior.

Final verdict: 4/10



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