Unfriended: Dark Web – movie review

After watching the tech-related short horror films from my last post I wanted to watch something similar but full length. And this was not really the best choice.

We meet Matias. A young man who just got a new laptop and he is talking to his deaf girlfriend on it. The computer that originally belonged to named Norah C. IV and he quickly starts getting notifications and messages from the profile that was left online while playing games on skype with his friends. He gets a message saying that they know that he stole the laptop from someone called Erika and quickly starts panicking. Until he starts discovering some odd files containing footage of people being kidnapped and tortured along with a program that connects them to the dark web. While showing his friends the contents of it they get involved more than they should have and they start getting threatened by mysterious figures.

At first, I liked the film. It started off well, the characters were decent enough to make you interested in them, the suspense was growing. But somewhere along the way it just fell off. There were many things about it that just made no sense. Maybe if you stopped focusing on the logical side of the movie you will enjoy it but for me, after watching countless of hours of people talking about and browsing the deep web you can’t help but cringe. New and different concepts are always enjoyable but they don’t always work and this shows it.

Was it the worst movie? No. But do I regret watching it? Yes. Sure the acting was okay and it started off well but it is not enough to make the movie enjoyable. The only redeeming sides of the movies were the somewhat okay acting and the start of the idea itself. What’s worst about this film is that it has something that I added in one of my unwritten stories which made me want to delete it now that I saw it explored.

Final verdict: 5/10

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