Exploring the online horror community: Short movies part 5

Time to take a look at what the internet will offer us this week. I came across another channel that posts short horror films that I definitely think deserves more attention called “Space Oddity films” so I decided to share some of my favorite shorts from it.


Slay is a really short one but it really doesn’t need much. It centers around my favorite monsters in horror – humans, starting off innocently enough with a girl trying to confess her feelings and quickly becoming something really twisted.


Yet another short which showcases humanity’s creepy side and how people can really freak you out more than any creature can. I really have to commend the actress here, she nailed that creepy smile.


Probably the shortest short horror film I’ve talked about so far POD takes a look at a young man listening to a podcast. Funny with a side of scary.


Although this channel has some corny shorts, even one resembling one of the episodes of South park’s last season they tackle an interesting subgenre of horror focusing on technology and humans. I enjoy the uniqueness of the stories and love diving deep into different horror subgenres so I am looking forward to more.

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