American nightmares – movie review

Danny Trejo in a horror comedy, does it get better than this? It’s a win-win situation. What can go wrong?

The movie starts off with two hackers sitting down in front of their computers looking at hacked hidden cameras. Suddenly their feeds get cut and a mysterious figure called Mister Malevolent (Played by Danny Trejo) shows up. He starts speaking with a mystic woman (played by Nichelle Nichols) who have seven stories to tell, each visualized in a form of a short film reminding me a bit of the V/H/S movies style.

The stories themselves were a hit or a miss. Some were enjoyable for a good reason some were just laughably bad, which actually made them interesting enough to watch. Like the one with the sexist radio host who got turned into a woman and got to pay a steep price for it. My favorite one was definitely the clown one. It had just the right amount of creepy and funny. I don’t really want to give too much away but I can talk about the general theme of it. All of the stories fit the recipe of a “Tales from the Crypt” or “Twilight zone” episodes. For the most part, there would be a scummy person that did something or said something bad and in the end, they would get their just deserts. Nothing special really but let’s be honest we all like seeing horrible people get what they deserve. Even the weirder plots like the one where a stereotypical racist redneck ends up building a portal to another dimension where he and his family can be together with other white people was interesting enough to be watchable.

There were some surprising cast members like Jay Mohr, Clarence Williams III, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Chris Kattan, and many others. For the most part, the acting wasn’t bad, a bit corny at times and there were some bad performances, but it sort of fit the movie perfectly. There were some obvious anti-Trump moments but it wasn’t in your face or in the form of propaganda, plus I’m not even from the US or really into politics so who cares. It’s corny, funny with a hint of creepiness and gore and I definitely would watch a sequel.

Final verdict: 6/10

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