AHS: Apocalypse – season review

So the season is finally at an end and I really have a lot to talk about it and try to avoid any spoilers while recaping it. .

If you have been following me for a while you know that I really loved how this season started. The plot was interesting, the new characters were great and it had so much potential to go a lot of ways. Basically the plot is this: The world has come to an end. Nuclear missiles have been fired all around it and the population has been wiped off other than a few select people who have managed to save themselves in a number of outposts around the world. The show centers around one particular outpost ran by Mrs. Veneable (played by Sarah Paulson). She runs a very strict operation but trouble starts growing when we are introduced to a new character called Michael who threatens her lead position. He is there to transport the worthy to a new and better outpost which can not be attacked by some of the survivors that are left outside.

I really liked Michael as a character at first. He seemed like such a fascinating character. Smart, calculating, always seemed to be in control and three steps ahead. As the series progressed my enjoyment seemed to go up and down. It started to be somewhat good, continued in an awesome pace, better than most of the seasons but I knew that it would go down the drain basically. It started with the constant unnecessary flashbacks. It seems like they were trying to stretch it out. Everything could have been shown in a much simpler and more effective way. It just felt like they tried to cram in as much stuff as they could in order to fill the time in some of the episodes. And then we came to the final few episodes. It felt like a whole other show. My enthusiasm gradually decreased with each viewing of an episode to the point where I just forced myself to watch the season finale. I haven’t felt like this ever since I watched Doomed Megalopolis. Both had awesome starts and just abysmal endings. The climax was in the ninth episode. I didn’t even bother writing a proper recap and review like I did with every other episode. It was so laughably bad. That being said the season finale was a bit better. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t really love it either. The same could be said for the entire season. The deus ex machina style wrap up almost felt like a joke. I won’t spoil it but it felt like the entire season was for nothing, everything was undone in an instant and it was all for nothing. One scene did manage to get me emotional, I’ll be honest but once you start to think about how some things did not add up. And even after the deus ex machina wrap up where everything was fixed in an instant we had another twist where yet again everything that happened seemed to be for nothing. Was that the point? Maybe I just missed something major and the entire point of the season was that no matter what you do you can’t change things that are destined to happen, which would make some sense, that was the entire point of Michael’s logic and what drove him to do what he did. If so it was still done horribly. Speaking of Michael, he went from the most interesting characters in AHS to one of the most annoying ones.
Overall as I said a few times before this season started off amazingly but completely fell flat in the end.

Final verdict: 6/10

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