Hellraiser: Judgement – movie review

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Hellraiser series, although I usually ignore the last few parts but I decided to check the last one out.

We start off with a scene of a man which receives a letter calling him to a mysterious location. He gets there and enters on the promise that he will get a reward for his cooperation. It would appear that they are aware of his “urges” and are willing to accept them. We meet the auditor – the newest addition to the cenobites. The man is strapped to a chair while the auditor writes down his sins. Once finished his confession is fed to the assessor who then throws it up and it gets fed to female cenobites which then give out the verdict. Safe to say the verdict for this particular pedo is not a positive one (for him at least).

On the other side we have two detectives, the brothers Sean and David Carter who are investigating the serial killer known as the preceptor. One of them, Sean is taking the close a bit more seriously and it seems to be taking a real toll on him. This only seems to intensify when they are joined by another detective. While investigating the murders Sean receives a clue that leads him to the very same house where he gets introduced to the auditor.

I wasn’t really planning on watching it but something about the aesthetic of the film drew me in, after all it’s one of the series’s best sides. Of course as everyone has said before and I sort of feel obligated to do so but there will never be a Pinhead like Doug Bradley. That being said Paul T. Taylor didn’t do a horrible job at it, even though the “pins” themselves looked hideous. But there were bigger problems with this film. Even the acting was not as bad as I expected. The biggest issue was with the ending. Without revealing too much I’ll only say that they completely missed the entire concept of the cenobites. They are supposed to be extra-dimensional beings who aren’t evil nor good. They just thrive on pain. Here they are just represented to be something like demons. So it did not really feel like a Hellraiser movie. If it was called something else and never really affiliated with the franchise I’d enjoy it a lot more. The gore wasn’t really bad. I actually enjoyed it which as I’ve said before I’m not a fan of gore in the movies so it’s a rarity for me to like gore in films. The movie seemed to nail that part but everything else just fell flat. The plot itself wasn’t bad although it is a bit predictable it still manages to somewhat interest you. If it managed to peak your interest check it out below:

Final verdict: 6/10

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