Vogue tries (and fails) to talk about horror

Well here you go Vogue. You clickbaited me and got a view on your magazine I hope that you are happy. Of course I did use an adblock though. Now here’s my response.

Of course when everyone wants to read up on movies and movie related news they always make sure to visit Vogue. One writer for Vogue wrote an article talking about horror and how this year has been horrible unlike the previous one. Reading trough the article I have to say that either the writer has no knowledge for movies or this was written so badly purposely in order to get a response. And even if it was the case I feel like I need to respond since there will be people who don’t watch a lot of movies who will believe this. “A quiet place” was a 90 minute PG-13 thriller really? Were we watching the same movie?

Hill House is well over 10 hours of television and the pacing is agonizingly slow. Horror is about dark delight, yes—but it’s also about intensity, a quality in extremely short supply in Hill House. Here’s what you notice while waiting to see another ghost: the generic nowhere vibe of the locations, the strangely cheap gilt-glow lighting, the mediocre acting. I’ve enjoyed many a low-budget, badly acted horror film, but the good ones race along so quickly that you don’t care. – says Taylor Antrim.

Hell house was not intense you say? Funny. I remember watching the show and not having one moment of relaxation. It gripped me from the first moment up until the last. Just because you didn’t like something it doesn’t mean that everyone didn’t. Of course the same can be said for me but I’m not the one proclaiming such bold statements when the overall public disagrees. Even Stephen King praised it highly

The haunting of Hill House is one of the best pieces of television that we have ever seen. I’ve even been reluctant on reviewing it on my blog because I feel that I would not pay it justice.

The author seems to think (judging by this article) that horror is supposed to just scare you. Which can not be further from the truth.

I will say I wasn’t bored in Suspiria (I was bored in Halloween). But I certainly wasn’t scared. – says the author.

Horror by definition is an intense feeling of shock, fear or disgust. Key words here being shock and disgust. Horror movies can be made with the sole purpose to disturb you, to unnerve you and disgust you. Not every horror is made to scare you. When he talks about Hereditary as just an afterthought you cant really help but think that this article was made as a joke. Sure Winchester, the nun and slender man weren’t groundbreaking but we had so many amazing horror films this year: A quiet place; Hereditary; Unsane; Mandy; Apostle; Ghostland; Annihilation  and many more. I have not yet seen “Halloween” and “Suspiria” but judging from the box office and some reviews that I have read it is a great film.  There have been outstanding shows like Castlevania; Sabrina (Even though I personally did not enjoy it as much as everyone); Channel zero; Castle rock and many more. And don’t even get me started on indie horror and horror outside of the US.

The only redeeming thing about this ridiculous article were the replies. Even some notable people like Elijah Wood shared their thoughts on how ridiculous the article is. It was hilarious seeing the Suspiria and A24 account and Mike Flannagan respond with memes too.


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