AHS: Apocalypse – episode 9

Yeah this is not going to be a recap and review of the episode. It does not deserve it.

I really enjoyed the start of this season. It had an interesting concept, a great new character and the warlocks were pretty awesome. But unsurprisingly they had to go ahead and ruin it. I managed to put up with the countless flashback episodes but this was the last straw. The Illuminati… Really? What’s next time travel? Of course it is why wouldn’t it be…

This is ridiculous. While I was watching it I kept thinking to myself that it must have been written by a high school child that just got into conspiracy theories. It’s a shame. This show had a lot of potential and yet they had to flush it down the toilet. For the most part I don’t want to even watch the last episode, but I do have some hope for the end of the season. It seems like they are trying to end it on a cliffhanger so that they can flush out another season but maybe it will be a decent end. Oh who am I kidding…

Final verdict: I wish I did not watch it and you shouldn’t either.

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