AHS: Apocalypse – episode 8

Yet another flashback episode. Michael finally discovers what happens to Mead and the rest and it breaks him.

Michael goes to the site of Mead’s death and meets Cordelia who tells him that he will never be able to revive Mead because she protects her soul with only a spell that she can break. Confused and lost he wanders in the woods and starts looking for his father. He stops and draws a circle saying that he will not leave until his father speaks to him. A very familiar scene reminding us of Jesus and his quest for god in the desert. After that he wanders out into the city and discovers a satanic cult. He reveals to them that he is the Antichrist but fails to guide them much to their disappointment. He reveals that he is lost without the person that he needs the most – Mrs Mead. The cult offers to help and they take him to Billy Eichner and Evan Peters with their new characters – two coked up men called Mutt and Jeff and a surprising cameo from a character I did not expect to see again – Veneable. She is their assistant. I’m not the biggest fan of hers but she nailed this episode. Michael asks for their help to construct a robotic Mrs. Mead and after he displays his power they accept.

This was definitely the weakest episode of the season. It is nice to see how things unraveled but it was a pretty boring episode. It made no sense as to how they made Mead. There is nothing that really shows that anyone is able to create something of that caliber. The satanic cult was also a bit cringey. Maybe that was the point but I really disliked them. There is not really that much to talk about too. The only thing that was interesting about the episode was seeing Veneable again and the fact that we found out that the major corporations and their directors sold their soul to the devil in order to get there.

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