AHS: Apocalypse – episode 7

Damn Michael will be pissed af in the next episode.

So we finally found out who and what Dinah Stevens is. With the death of Marie Laveau and pretty much every other voodoo practitioner she has become the voodoo queen.
Cordelia approaches her looking for her help to get a meeting with a familiar face: Papa Legba. I’m glad we got to see him again along with Nan, who was murdered by Fiona Goode and Marie in order to appease him. Cordelia asks for his help with dealing with Michael but unfortunately his request in order to help her was a bit too much for her. I find it weird that Cordelia assumed that he can help her. Maybe she assumes that he is more powerful than Michael but I highly doubt that he is. To be honest as much as I love Papa Legba it would have been very fun to watch Michael take him on.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the episode was the appearance of Joan Collins who was killed off in episode three now as the movie star Bubbles McGee, who fun fact was replaying one of her “Tales from the crypt” episodes in the start of this episode. A powerful witch tat can read the souls of people. She is contacted by the coven in order to help them find out the plans of the warlocks. They find out that they are planning to take them out and so they plan their own counter attack so they revive John Henry and help him exact his revenge on them and Mrs. Mead.

Today’s episode was definitely in my top. It was great seeing Nan again as well as Papa Legba, seeing her actually enjoying hell was hilarious. We finally found out how Myrtle returned back to life in a very creepy ritual by Cordelia. The new recruits Coco and Mallory returned. We saw Coco’s power growing, she got a hilarious new power up where she could tell the calorie count in food. Mallory had another scene where she showcases her power and it does not go unnoticed. Could she be the actual new supreme? It certainly seems like that. I do like the duos that we are getting in the series, I’m not sure which I like more Coco and Mallory or Myrtle and Bubbles. On a final note I can’t really stop thinking about the finale of the season. How will they end up doing it? Will it be a happy ending? I don’t really see that happening, just returning every person on the planet back to life would be very anticlimactic. Will they let Michael win? Who knows. Let me know if you have any theories below.

Final verdict: 9/10

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