Haunted – series review

I’ve been meaning to change things up a bit and watch a “real” show about horror for a while now so when this popped up I knew that I had to watch it.

Haunted is a 6 episode series, all of which are around 20 minutes. People gather around in a living room where they face their relatives and tell their stories. It contains everything. From children that lived with serial killers, to people haunted their whole life and even people abducted by aliens and the production team re-enacts their stories. There has also been a reddit account which illustrates nightmares of people which I found to be very interesting. https://www.reddit.com/user/hauntednetflix/posts/

I remember when I was a kid I used to watch a show similar to this on Discovery I believe. There was one episode in particular that used to keep me up at nights where a family moved into a house and two of the kids were sleeping in the basement which was some place where people used to store bodies or something (it’s been a long time since then so the details are a little vague) and there was a door which they believed was a portal to hell. So when I came across the show I thought I might get a similar experience.

Sadly I was mistaken. Some of the stories are really good, especially the second episode with the sisters and their psychotic father but overall the show was quite boring. I only talk about it because I liked the aspect of the show. Real people talking about their experiences which they believe are true. Even though I am not a believer in the supernatural I still respect people’s stories of their experiences. But even that part of the show seemed to be wrong and I dug deeper into it. It was hard to find any evidence that any of the cases happened, sadistic killers, people drowning their children would make news but no one seems to be able to find any record of them. Some reddit users also managed to find records of some of the “Real” people which showed them to have IMDB pages and have worked on other projects. I did not really expect this from Netflix. I hope that I am wrong but if it really does end up being true that everything was fabricated it definitely will leave a negative impact on them. It’s not even that hard to find people that actually have stories to tell like that. I remember reading a Carl Sagan book called “The demon haunted world” where he talks about people and their stories of alien abductions for example. A lot of people especially in the US believe that they have been abducted. I better not start talking about that more since I could talk about it for days. I’ll just say that his explanation as to why so many people have these “experiences” is a very interesting one. If you have time to kill it’s not really the worst thing you will see but it’s pretty far from the best. With stuff like “Apostle”, “The haunting of hill house” and much more however you are better off skipping it.

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