AHS: Apocalypse – episode 6

Returning to murder house. This week we dug even deeper into Michael’s past and things got really interesting.

This week’s AHS finally brought us back into the infamous murder house. Madison and and Behold finally arrive and are hungry for answers. It was interesting that even as witches they knew that there was something horribly wrong and were worried about it. As they look around the house we see a lot of familiar faces. Tate, Moira the maid, Billie Dean Howard, the Harmon family and of course Constance. We get to know more about them and what they have been up to. We see Tate and Ben in their session. Tate is trying to reconcile with Violet but she is not ready to forgive him, which is not that surprising. Being a mass murderer who impregnated her mother can distance you from someone. They try to talk about them about Michael but to no avail. After that Billie Dean shows up and we see Jessica Lange’s Constance give an appearance. She tells them that she is willing to tell them the story of Michael but only if they get rid of Moira. And we get one of the more wholesome scenes in the entire series. They dig up her bones and move them to the cemetery where her mother is and she finally gets to see her. She tries to apologize for pulling the plug on her and feels like she killed her but her mother shows her love and tells her that she is grateful. I was somewhat expecting it to end bad somehow but I’m glad that she had a happy ending.

So Constance starts telling her story. She is a very mentally ill person in my eyes. Constantly talking about how she is here to be a mother and watching her constantly be a loving mother to Michael even though she herself said that he is showing signs of a serial killer. He was constantly murdering pets and eventually moves on to people. However upon seeing him age 10 years over one night she knew that he is more than she can handle and ended up taking her own life in the murder house. Dr. Harmon also reveals that he tried to take Michael on as his son but quickly saw that he can not be helped. The darkness was slowly getting to him. As Ben finished his story the spirit of his wife showed up and decided to finally talk about Michael which is where it is finally confirmed that Michael is in fact the Antichrist. We got an interesting cameo that I never expected to see. Anton LaVey who was accompanied by Mrs. Meade and another woman. They served as a guide to show Michael his true nature. Which was a bit weird. I’ve read some stuff about him years ago but as far as I know he was an atheist. The entire point of his branch of satanism is that it is atheistic.

It wasn’t a bad episode but I am getting a bit impatient. As much as I want to find out what made Michael who he is I want to know what is happening in “real time”. Maybe it is because I just binged trough “A haunting of Hill house” and had my fill of haunted houses and flashbacks. That’s probably the reason why this episode felt a bit underwhelming as well. Hill house was absolutely fantastic. But I’ll leave that for another time. It was good however to see how a lot of the older characters were doing. It’s a shame we don’t get to see more of Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton. They are fantastic and a perfect fit for the show. It made me think too if Michael could have been saved if he never entered the murder house. A huge part of what made him was the evil of the house and maybe it could have been prevented. Of course it did not help when Tate called him a monster and did not want anything to do with him. Seeing your father say that to you can destroy you.

Final verdict: 7/10

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