AHS: Apocalypse – episode 5

So it’s the second flashback week and we dig even deeper into the past of Michael and the warlocks.

Cordelia awakes and hugs Queenie and Madison. Touched by seeing her students again she accepts their request for Michael to do the seven wonders. This prompts Myrtle to start arguing with Cordelia saying that the alpha is nothing more than a children’s tale but Cordelia reveals that her power is fading meaning that a new supreme is rising. Meanwhile the warlocks come together before the blood moon to give Langdon their blessings. However while Michael is being embraced by his brethren Michael shows his demon face to John Henry which frightens him and he decides to leave and explore Cordelia’s warnings about a coming apocalypse. Stopping for gas he goes to help an old woman who ends up being Mrs. Mead. Turns out Michael and Ariel wanted to stop John Henry from preventing Michael to rise to the role of supreme. It was expected but  Fast forward to the blood moon Michael takes the seven wonders. He aces all six and for the seventh Cordelia asks of him to bring back Misty Day. Reluctant the warlock try to protest but Michael accepts and easily brings her back. With this the power shifts the room as Cordelia weakens. And of course with the return of Misty we see Stevie Nicks who comes to help her heal. As she sings Cordelia leaves the room. She talks with Madison and asks of her to go and investigate Michael. But before she could go Behold reveals himself saying that he is the king of eavesdropping. He says that he wants to join Madison on the count of his own suspicions. They set forth to “the place where it all began” A.K.A. the murder house which I am very excited about.

This was a pretty awesome episode. Even though it was not as good as the previous one it still gave us a lot to process. The return of Misty, Cordelia’s plan to get all her witches back so that they can fight the upcoming evil, Mallory’s power and much more. It is possible that the reason for Cordelia’s fading powers is Mallory and not Michael. She is clearly someone who will have a major role in defeating him and as I’ve said before I suspect that she is not just a witch. Next week we will definitely be seeing the latex man and many more characters from murder house. I am hoping that somehow we will get to see Dylan McDermott’s. As far as the male actors in AHS go he was definitely one of the best. There has been a theory circulating about Constance Langdon being a witch which would make things much more interesting. I really hope that we will see Jessica Lange next week. The show is not the same without her and it really got me thinking. How would have things turned out if Fiona Goode was still the supreme when Michael wanted to take the test. Someone this powerful would have worried her and since she wants to protect her status a war would not have been impossible to imagine.

Final verdict: 9/10

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