Reddit’s newest top 100 horror movie list

So I’ve been a part of reddit’s horror subreddit for a while now and it recently came out with the newest list of their top horror films.

What used to be a top 50 list this year turned into a top 100 due to the sheer popularity increase of the forum resulting in a big number of entries. The list

So there definitely are some films that made the list that I have not watched and will definitely have to check out this month. Movies like “Autopsy of Jane Doe”, “Black swan”, “The wailing” – which is next on my to watch list along with “Rec”, “Candyman” and “Texas chainsaw massacre” – yes I know I am committing a crime but I will eventually watch it.

I think this list has given perspective on how diverse the tastes of horror fans can be. There are quite a few movies that made the list that I never would have imagined like “What we do in the shadows” which I absolutely love but is not really a “pure” horror film. Also my my favorite movie unfortunately did not make the cut and a few other favorites like “The eyes of my mother” and “Session 9”. The addition of a few films is questionable too but I understand. I love “Pan’s labyrinth” to the death but it’s not exactly horror. It has the elements but I would not call it a horror movie. The same goes with “Shawn of the dead” and “Se7en”. I think it would have been better if the list has been divided into subgenres. Seeing films like Rosemary’s baby on the same list with What we do in the shadows is a bit confusing.

As for the top 10 themselves:

  1. The Shining – Stanley Kubrick – 1980
  2. The Thing – John Carpenter – 1982
  3. Halloween – John Carpenter – 1978
  4. Alien – Ridley Scott – 1979
  5. Hereditary – Ari Aster – 2018
  6. The Exorcist – William Friedkin – 1973
  7. It Follows – David Robert Mitchell – 2014
  8. The Evil Dead – Sam Raimi – 1981
  9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (aka The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) – Tobe Hooper – 1974
  10. The Witch – Robert Eggers – 2015

I can see how a lot of them made the list. The shining is still one of my all time favorite films and I would say that it deserves the no1 spot. Hereditary was interesting. The hype surrounding it definitely helped get a lot of votes so that it would reach the top 5. I’m not saying that it’s a bad film I absolutely loved it but the hype surrounding it definitely helped.

Overall it’s a good list. Most of the movies definitely deserve the attention and votes. Silence of the lambs definitely should have been above “The witch” but it fell just a tiny bit short at the eleventh spot. What are some movies that you think should have made the list? And which did not deserve to be on it?

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