AHS: Apocalypse – episode 4

Well well well…This episode destroyed quite a lot of theories.

This week we were treated to a flashback episode. They are usually quite a bore but I enjoyed it the most out of the episodes so far. We got a major bombshell as it was revealed that Michael Langdon is in fact a warlock. Up until now warlocks have not really been in the series. The main reason being that they are not as powerful as witches the reason being that their testosterone prohibits them from accessing their true potential. Which is a shame. I really liked the boys school and how everything worked. Hopefully we can see a spin off or something with them but I doubt it. The teachers get a hold of a tape of a young man displaying his powers in an interrogation room. All of them are very surprised at the display of his insane abilities. All but one. He warns them that there is something malevolent about him but they are blinded by their desire to surpass the witches. Which I can kind of understand. The witches seem to treat them like second class citizens which we see when the board is called and the witches arrive in the boys school that coincidentally is their fallout shelter. They are called by the board of teachers after Michael passes all their tests. They want him to take the test of seven wonders but Cordelia does not allow it. So Michael decides to show them his superiority by bringing Madison back from hell and rescuing Queenie from the hotel after the failure of Cordelia. There we saw the return of one of Hotel’s best characters – H.H. Holmes who was played by Evan Peters. Shocked by the sight of him returning with Madison and Queenie, Cordelia faints and the episode ends.

Another huge bombshell we got from the episode was that Mallory was shown to be in the coven, a very powerful witch with roots from Salem. They put a spell on her and Coco in order to protect them. It was also implied that the third one could be Marie Laveau or maybe someone connected to her. So it is possible that Mallory is the yin to Michael’s yang. If Michael is connected to the devil she might be an angel and in the end they could end up battling it out. That might have been what Michael was alluding to when he said that he thought that he had killed them all. We assumed that he meant witches but it is possible he was referring to some other being, a being that Mallory is. But if the show thought me something so far it was to expect anything.

It was the best episode so far and they way that they are setting up things is awesome.

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