AHS: Apocalypse – episode 3

God damn they did not pull back any punches huh?

Episode 3 started off with quite the bang. We saw Langdon interview the residents and dug deep into their psyche. Mr. Gallant and the young couple are also saved by him on the count of their souls being perfect for the new world that he is creating. Is it weird that the world that he was explaining actually sounded good? I know that it won’t be what he makes it out to be, he is the Antichrist of course but something about a world without the hypocrisy of fake niceness makes it tempting. Two interviews of course particularly stood out. Mallory’s. While talking to her she explains that she feels that there is someone in her who wants to break free. And this is where we see her use her powers for the first time which deeply worries Langdon who for the first time shows his demonic side. And Dinah Stevens’s. She is someone that actually knows Langdon and we find out that she has powers, but is not powerful enough to actually stop him.

Cut to outside. We see the mad max type like world that has become since the apocalypse started. And a familiar face shows up. I would say spoiler alert but in these types of posts I doubt anyone who has not seen the episode would be reading the post. Billy Eichner’s character returns and he is looking for his girlfriend. He hitches a ride on a horse and carriage and arrives to the shelter. The carriage delivers a chest which we see is full of perfect looking and tasting apples (obviously referencing the forbidden fruit). Worried about Langdon not selecting them for the sanctuary Mead and Venable hatch a plot to poison the apples and kill off everyone else so that he has to pick them or it by extracting the venom from the snakes (again a lot of religious references). But of course their plan would fail right? No way that they would kill off the entire cast. Or so we thought. Everyone is murdered even Venable, by the person she trusted the most.

And now we come to the most interesting part. The long awaited arrival of the
witches – Myrtle, Cordelia and Madison. They enter the shelter seemingly unaffected by any of the radiation outside and go looking for the bodies of their sisters as they say. They bring out 3 bodies – Dinah, Malory and Coco. They revive them and the episode ends.

So much to uncover and analyze in this episode. It went into so many directions and I definitely did not expect it. Now I have a few theories about the next episode and the 3 people that they brought back to life. Having seen the preview of the next episode there was one scene with Madison and Langdon. Madison was working in a store which means that she might have been in hell and Langdon came to rescue her or offer her some sort of deal. There was also a scene which seemed to indicate that Langdon was in the hotel, in the room where Queenie died. Which brings me to an interesting theory that I’ve seen circulate. The three people that they revived at the end of the episode could very well be Misty, Zoe and Queenie. They are bringing them back in order to challenge Langdon. The reason as to why Myrtle, Cordelia and Madison are unhinged and undamaged by everything could be that they are ghosts and are only here because it is Halloween and as they said the border between the living and the dead thins. The theory that they might be the three witches is sounding good but what bugs me is when Langdon was trying to communicate with the devil he was worried about Malory and said that she is the last one of their kind and yet he seemed to know who Dinah was. Wouldn’t they both be witches? Or is it just a spirit of the witch that resides in Dinah’s body so he does not pay her much attention. And one other small detail that I think most people did not talk about. I think that Constance’s mind has been programmed or something into Mead, judging by the way that Langdon was talking it seems so.

Overall a great episode and I loved it. 10/10

What were your thoughts on it?

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