AHS: Apocalypse – episode 2

Well…This episode was definitely interesting. That ending was unexpected and definitely raises a bunch of questions.

It’s week 2 since Apocalypse started and episode 2 just ended. This episode was much better than the first one. We started off with Emily coming across a bunch of snakes in her room. Frightened she screams and Mead arrives and starts killing them and rejoicing about having them for dinner. Fast forward to the dinner, the snake stew arrives but once everyone starts to eat a bunch of live snakes start coming out.

Later that night Langdon arrives and introduces himself explaining to the group that three outposts have fallen and that their only hope is to come with him to the sanctuary. That is of course if they pass his tests. Langdon completely takes the show. He is the one that made this episode much better. I absolutely love him as a character. His manipulation of people is superb. He plays with everyone and is very well written. The first person that he interrogates is Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters). Here we find out many things about him and what makes him tick. The episode mostly revolves about them. Langdon talking with everyone, Gallant facing his grandmother and his new lover. The lover is a very familiar face – the leather man from season 1. Yep, we finally see him and we get the second connection with the first season. Gallant assumes that he is Langdon and proceeds to make love with him. One of my favorite scenes was Langdon confronting Mrs. Venable about her self made rules. He completely shames her and asserts his dominance. Another fantastic scene was when Mr. Gallant finally confronts his grandmother. Both actors are so different in ages and yet none outshines the other. And you completely understand both characters and both of them were very compelling. You understood why they did what they did and why both felt justified. Meanwhile our two horny teens are digging up some information which leads them to do something that ends up getting them caught by Mead (Kathy Bates) and are sent to be executed. However things do not go according to plan and we end up with a very fascinating cliffhanger.

This episode was far greater than the first. I had some issues with Sarah Paulson’s character and her portrayal of her but she is growing on me. Cody Fern continues to amaze me as well. As I said before his character was fantastic and is easily my favorite part of the show so far. I get a sort of a Hannibal Lecter vibe off of him. Like he knows exactly what is going on and what everyone is willing to do and is manipulating them behind the scenes to make them do it. He really seems to be in control of everyone and everything which we see at the end of the episode where he just smirks after seeing what he probably made Gallant do.

There is just one thing that really bothers me while watching this. They are in an enclosed space with no windows or ventilation and yet they have candles everywhere and a fireplace. How in the world do they get their oxygen? But eh well I guess I shouldn’t bother myself with minor things. What did you think of the second episode?

Final verdict: 9/10

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