Fist of Jesus feature – sometimes I really love the internet

I follow a few random forums and groups that like sharing all kinds of movies and yesterday I saw this film posted on it. Boy am I glad that I clicked on it.

Fist of Jesus is a short and gory film about the lord and savior Jesus Christ himself. At the start we see him speaking and preaching to a group of people. Suddenly a worried man runs toward him. It’s Jacob. He is distraught and  informs him that his son Lazarus has passed away. Jesus reassures him that it will be okay, that his son is only sleeping and he can wake him up. Together they return to the resting place of his deceased son and Jesus proceeds to revive him. Unfortunately the revival does not go according to plan and instead of bringing Lazarus back to life he turns him into a zombie. The zombie starts attacking people and soon enough an entire horde starts going after Jesus.

It’s such a weird and dumb concept but it’s really really entertaining. It turns into a gore fest with Jesus and Judas just going to town on the zombies. I don’t want to spoil his weapon of choice but it’s something that you would never expect. The gore is awesome (considering I am not a huge gore fan in movies this was a pleasant surprise) and the effects are surprisingly good.

Check it out in all it’s gory glory and show some love to the creators. They even have a game made and are working on a new project called “Once upon a time in Jerusalem”

Stuff like this really makes me love the internet more. It might not be anything groundbreaking it’s unique and creative and thanks to it we can all see and enjoy it.

If you liked what you saw you can show your support on the official site listed on their video.

I was surprised that the game was so popular as well. Even PewDiePie played it. It seems fun but I doubt I would play it anytime soon.

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