Preacher – season 3 review

Welcome all you motherless goat humpers to one of TV’s most shocking, bloody and over the top shows ever.

So season three has finally ended. As a huge fan of the comics I really loved this show. And with the great second season that the show had I was very hyped for the third season. This season Jesse returned to his troubled and traumatizing childhood home together with Cassidy in an attempt to revive his beloved Tulip. There we are introduced to three characters:

Jesse’s grand’ma – Marie L’Angelle (played by Betty Buckley)

His father’s killer Jody (played by Jeremy Childs)

And the weird and creepy TC (played by Colin Cunningham)

As well as the awesome returning characters Arseface, Herr Starr and his two goons, the saint of killers, Humperdoo and of course Adolf Hitler (who surprisingly was an awesome character) and a few other new characters which I will discuss in the spoiler section.

Spoilers ahead for the third season.

Unlike the first two seasons, in the third one we saw our main cast divided and having their own (mis)adventures. After reviving Tulip Jesse’s soul was bound to his grandmother and he is forced to help her collect souls again like the old days. Here we find out all about his deeply traumatic childhood and his very horrific grandmother who you will deeply hate. She is the one responsible for the death of his parents in her search for more souls in order to remain young forever. With Tulip now saved his grand’ma forces him to obtain souls. Jesse however has different plans. He wants to take revenge on her but can’t without his soul so he asks for the grail’s help. But of course nothing in the world of Preacher is simple. In comes the Allfather, an almost inhumanly gigantic fat being who is in charge of the grail.

Cassidy who is forced to escape from Angelville in fear of his life meets another vampire called Eccarius (played by Adam Croasdell) and his “Children of blood” that hang out in the basement of one of the members’s grandmother, who teaches him that the vampire life is not as horrible as he thinks that it is and shows him another way to live his life. Cassidy struggles to find a purpose in his life while trying to forget Jesse and Tulip who he still has feelings for.

Tulip probably has the most interesting adventures of the three, going to purgatory, trying to kill Marie L’Angelle, meets god a couple of times (who is dressed up as a dog and drives a motorbike accompanied by a woman), goes to Japan and much more.

We also see our supporting cast go trough their own misadventures. Arseface and Hitler having escaped hell try to find their way in the world. I wish we could have seen more of them though. Hitler’s airtime was short but every scene with him was amazing. The saint goes on a quest to get them back to hell in order to get his guns back to exact his revenge on Jesse.

A character I did not expect to see was Satan. But the show did not disappoint. His look was made ridiculously over the top which I assume was on purpose and it made him that much more enjoyable to watch.

End of spoilers

All in all the third season blew the previous two seasons out of the water. Surprisingly enough Cassidy was not my favorite part of the show this season, rather a mix of a few characters like Hitler, Starr, Tulip and the saint. Each of the characters had amazing arcs, the supporting cast was amazing and I loved every second of it. It perfectly combines horror and comedy as it ventures forth to its fourth season. Sadly I’ve heard that the third season had the weakest viewership which is bad considering that the show finally managed to make the story much more effective and proficient. I especially applaud them for making a big cocktail of a plethora of stories and subplots. I had some minor issues with the season finale but it still did not disappoint and the way it ended shows that the next season will be very interesting.

In the end of the day Preacher is a very fun show that might not be for everyone since it is a very controversial show with some very questionable characters and stories but if you like horror and dark comedy you will definitely enjoy it.

Final verdict: 9/10


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