The best of Reddit’s nosleep stories – part 2

In The Taking Tree our protagonist talks about the “God” in the tree that his grandma was praying to and how he tried to get it to help him. It is a scary but hauntingly beautiful story that is wonderfully written. It seems that a lot of redditors write great stories that are both scary and in the same time awake warm feelings inside you. I do have to admit though that this one had the best writing style of all of the nosleep stories I’ve read. (It’s not my favorite though)

Oh boy. This was one hell of a ride. Basically the main character meets a young girl who is swimming in the water while he is exploring outside who tells him that she is a mermaid or soon to be one and she has to spend 10 hours a day in the water in order to fully transform into a mermaid. It was one of the rare stories that actually managed to chill me and I highly recommend it.

Not one of my favorites but still very enjoyable. The story of the babysitter and the children that he babysat. While playing with them the boy falls down and hurts himself from a puncture wound. Soon after he gets this wound he starts developing an insatiable hunger.

The Red Death, the true enemy we all face. Hell’s abomination. If you thought God was here to save us, you are wrong. He marches us towards death so we can fight alongside him against the Red Death, the primordial weapon that even Satan fears. One last human is destined to fall to the disease, becoming only a host for the plague to spread to the last race of all the universe: mankind. This was a bit different from the rest of the stories that I’ve talked about but that only adds to its favor. It talks about the disease that is the red death and how it affects you. Very well written and probably my favorite from this list.

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