The strain – first impressions

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this series but I never got around to watching it. But finding myself bored one night I decided to give it a try.

The Strain is an American horror drama television series created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. Upon seeing that del Toro was involved I knew that I had to watch it.

The show centers around Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (played by Corey Stoll), the head of the CDC’s New York-based Canary Project, who is called upon to investigate a strange airplane landing in which everyone aboard is dead.The plane, a Boeing 767 arrives at JFK and is on its way across the tarmac, when it suddenly stops. All of the window shades are pulled down and all lights are out. All communication channels have gone quiet. Crews on the ground are lost for answers, but an alert goes out to the CDC.The virus begins to spread and Goodweather works with his team and a group of the city’s residents to wage a war to save humanity.

In the same time we meet an old man running a pawn shop, a former professor and survivor of the Holocaust named Abraham Setrakian. He senses that something has gone wrong and that something evil is coming so he ventures forth in order to stop it.

So far I’ve only seen a few episodes and even though I am not blown away the show still manages to intrigue me and I will definitely be binge watching it once I have more time. The plot so far is good and there is much to unravel. It has a perfect mix of horror and drama with the center of it being the main character as we watch him try and connect with his son while he constantly is being called away for his job. So far I think the show could have been done much better. It has potential but I am really wondering if it will manage to become something great or if it will fall flat. But of course this is only just the start and I will have a full review once I finish it.


  1. The TV show is OK, but if you like vampire horror stories you should read the books that the story is based on (just a fair warning, there are a lot of overly-detailed and gross passages in the book. Del Toro seems to have a weird fascination with bodily fluids of all kind LOL). He wrote an entire trilogy about this peculiar vampire story and I have to say; it’s one of the most unique and interesting takes on vampirism that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s really biblical in a sense but you don’t get that feeling from the TV show. That’s because it’s lacking key elements that are only revealed and touched upon in the book series (like e.g. the real origin of all the vampires). I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.
    Just as a heads-up; if you already watched the TV show you can skip the first book (eponymously titled “The Strain”). The second book “The Fall” basically continues the story arc from where the TV show left off.

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    • I might just pick up the books thanks for the suggestion, I was looking for something different to read anyways. And I don’t mind gross stuff. Oddly enough in movies I find it dull but in books I enjoy it.


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