Book club (Reading club) – manhwa review

“For those who have courage… For those who do not fear death…open this book and turn the page!”

Kyungdo, a young man who is obsessed with books. When the school is in need of volunteers to clean out the old shed that is the library, he immediately takes the job and recruits Eunsae to help him, who also loves books but more importantly has a big crush on him.

But horrors lurk between the broken shelves and dusty books… Eunsae one day finds Kyungdo engrossed in a book that has a dark aura and a creepy face that is coming from its pages. This book seems to have a dark history and everyone that comes to contact with it meets a terrible end. One of their teachers comes across the book and ends up jumping out of the window. Worried by this Eunsae vows to protect Kyungdo from the book and the odd effect that it has on him. The suicide draws the attention of the local police and they start investigating combining the events of what happened to a similar incident that happened 10 years ago with Kyungdo’s father.

Even if the story is a horror one the author manages to focus a lot on the mystery aspect of it (that does not mean that it does not have a lot of disturbing pages though). We follow the main characters on their journey to discover the disturbing secrets of the book and it’s origin. It’s a short story but it really manages to reel you in and you will find yourself finishing it in one sitting. It keeps adding new layers to the mystery and even though I had some issues with the pacing it was still a great read with a great climax at the end. It did leave some unanswered questions though. I loved the artwork as well but I would not call it memorable.

Final verdict: 7/10

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