Rewatching Castlevania: season 1 review

Since the release of the trailer for season 2 of the series I’ve been meaning to rewatch the first season.

Inspired by the long running series of the same name, Castlevania is a dark, bloody and action packed 4 episode show about the infamous Dracula and his attempt to seek revenge as well as the Belmont family who seek to fight the evils of the world. The series is a retelling of Castlevania III: Dracula’s curse with some minor changes of course.

At the start of the series we are met with Lisa, a travelling scientist who seeks the aid of Vlad Tepes in an attempt to use his medical equipment in order to become a skilled doctor. Vlad gets very interested in her because of her confident nature and lack of fear he accepts to help her. During the coming years Dracula falls in love with her and they get married. However many years later she is burned on the stake on the charges of witchcraft. Angered by the news Dracula forsakes all that his wife thought him of humanity and vows to take his revenge.

Dracula is a monster. There is no doubt in that. But there is a short moment where you can’t help yourself but empathize with him. That’s something that I really loved about this show. Just like Devilman crybaby it manages to blur the line between good and evil and who actually is the monster. The church while it’s supposed to be a thing of hope and reassuring is shown to be something very different. A huge credit for this has to go for the writing which for something that has been adapted from a video game can be impossible. Creating the story from an old game like this is very hard but somehow they manage to pull it off. They gave the characters depth and made them relatable no matter how horrific they appear to be. I loved the dialogue as well which had many memorable quotes like: “For evil bastards to win power all ordinary people have to do is stand aside and keep quiet” “It is not dying that frightens us, It’s living without ever having done our best”. On top of all that the visuals as well as the audio were just amazing. I knew about the Castlevania games before but I never got eround to explore their rich lore. Luckily this show seems that it will keep going strong and I’m very impatient for the next season.

I did have some issues with the voice acting however. Some of the voice actors were just not as convincing as much as they should have been. I hope that it is something that will be improved in the upcoming season. It was very short as well but it can just be seen as a regular movie. It is understandable though why it was so short. It’s a risky idea and you can never know how series like these can do. For example the god awful Berserk series from 2017 had amazing material to work with but they managed to completely butcher the show.

Some things could have been expanded in flashbacks and other stuff which I also hope will be further explored in the future seasons. I really hope they end up making more shows like these. It is a short list of amazing shows like these and it definitely needs to be expanded.

Final verdict: 9/10

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